CA Technologies wins EMA Research DevOps 2020 awards in three categories

Based on user rankings, new award wins signify robustness of CA Technologies’ DevOps product offerings, and industry leadership.

Today I am proud to announce that CA Technologies has been named a winner in EMA Research’s DevOps 2020 Top 3 and Innovator Product Excellence Awards. CA Technologies beat out a total of 85 other products to win in three different categories including Workload Automation: CA Automic Workload Automation, Release Management: CA Continuous Delivery Automation (Innovator Leadership Award) and Application Performance Management: CA Application Performance Management (Innovator Excellence Award).

The EMA Research DevOps 2020 Awards serve as yet another prove point in a long list of awards and accolades to the robustness of our automation and application performance offerings. CA Technologies continues to pride ourselves in the power of our solutions to help customers succeed in their DevOps and digital transformation initiatives.”

Part of EMA Research’s DevOps 2020 research study, the awards are based on user rankings for nine different product categories total. These included product ease of deployment, use and administration, product design, architecture and scalability, vendor support, services and reputation, and overall product satisfaction, among other criteria.

CA Technologies named winner in the following categories:

Workload Automation: CA Automic Workload Automation (Top 3 Award)

CA Automic Workload Automation (CA AWA) provides organizations with the agility, speed, visibility and scalability they need to respond to today’s constantly changing technology landscape. Centrally manage execution of all your business processes – across mainframe, cloud or hybrid environments, in a way it never stops – even when upgrading to the next version.

Release Management: CA Continuous Delivery Automation (Innovator Leadership Award)

CA Continuous Delivery Automation (CA CDA) enables enterprises to deliver apps reliably on demand from development through production. Scale agilely as cadence, volume and complexity of your apps grow. It’s DevOps-ready release management and automation for your dynamic enterprise.

Application Performance Management: CA Application Performance Management (Innovator Excellence Award)

CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) provides easy viewing of container, host, application and underlying infrastructure services – all in one place. Gain access to metrics and transactions correlated across your stack for detailed insights, dependencies and analysis. Easily switch between application and infrastructure views to better understand the service health.

To see the full list of EMA Research DevOps 2020 Top3 and Innovator Product Excellence Award winners, access the report at:

To learn more about CA Technologies’ product offerings, visit:


Ashok Reddy
Ashok is responsible for CA’s DevOps Line of Business including the Developer Products, Continuous Delivery,…


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