CA welcomes release of UK National Cyber Security Strategy

Strategy affirms need for public private partnerships, skills development in improving cybersecurity.

Last week, the UK Government released its 2016-2021 National Cyber Security Strategy. The Strategy sets out a five-year vision for the UK to be secure and resilient to cyber threats, and prosperous and confident in the digital world.

Indeed, the Strategy embraces the potential promise of the digital economy, while recognizing that significant improvements to national cybersecurity will be required for this promise to be realized.

CA Technologies welcomes the release of the Strategy because it provides a valuable roadmap for government and industry to partner to improve cybersecurity across the whole of the UK. Stronger cybersecurity is foundational to building trust in the application economy, which can meaningfully boost innovation and improve quality of life.

Strategy objectives

The Strategy sets out three key objectives to achieve its vision:


Businesses, government and individuals have the knowledge and capabilities to protect themselves against evolving cyber threats, to respond to cyber incidents, and to ensure networks and data are protected and resilient.


The UK Government has the ability to detect and disrupt attacks against its networks and systems, has the proper resources to pursue and prosecute cyber criminals, and has effective offensive cyber capabilities should it choose to use them.


The UK cyber security industry sector is innovative and growing, supported by world-leading scientific research and development; business and government have a self-sustaining pipeline of talent with requisite STEM and cyber security skills.

The Strategy recognizes that while cyber defense capabilities have strengthened over the past five years, much greater improvements will be needed to address the evolving and sophisticated nature of cyber threats.

Partnering to improve national cybersecurity

CA Technologies applaud the UK Government for affirming the vital role that public private partnerships will play in achieving stronger national cybersecurity.

The recently launched National Cyber Security Centre will serve as a central body to implement many aspects of the Strategy, including detecting and analyzing cyber threats, managing cyber incidents, delivering cybersecurity recommendations and guidance, fostering industry innovation and supporting the development of skills. To achieve these goals, the Centre will bring together expertise from the government, industry and academia.

CA is excited about the opportunity to engage with the Centre and to highlight the critical role of identity-centric security. Indeed, identity is the attack vector of choice for today’s cyber criminals.

Identity and access management and application programming interface management technologies are key to protecting the systems, networks, devices and data that form the backbone of the application economy.

Further, CA looks forward to partnering with the Centre and with other UK Government departments in promoting the development of STEM and cybersecurity skills. Improving STEM skills will be necessary for the success of the application economy workforce.

CA has demonstrated its strong commitment to increasing STEM skills in the UK, through its Girls Can Create Tomorrow initiative and other STEM programs. We look forward to continuing to invest in these programs and to partnering with the government in promoting the critical importance of STEM education.

Next steps

The UK National Cyber Security Strategy is an important step in galvanizing the diverse array of government and industry stakeholders towards achieving the common purpose of improved cybersecurity. However, the Strategy’s success will depend on effective implementation.

This will require active participation and investment from government departments, industry, civil society and academia. CA looks forward to partnering with the UK Government and other stakeholders in seeing the objectives of the Strategy come to fruition.

As director of global government relations for CA Technologies, Jamie manages cyber security and Internet…



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