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CA World Preview: Leveraging Performance Management to Drive Transformation and Business Value

We’re excited to have Valeh Nazemoff, Sr. Vice President of Acolyst, as a session speaker at CA World 2013.

We’re excited to have Valeh Nazemoff, Sr. Vice President of Acolyst, as a session speaker at CA World 2013. She will present on Leveraging Performance Management to Drive Transformation and Business Value on Tuesday, April 23 at 3:45 – 4:45 pm PT in Mandalay Bay’s South Pacific I (Session #PS448SN).

Valeh Nazemoff - Profile PicValeh specializes in helping executive clients  map and achieve strategic initiatives through Business Performance Management. In turn, this has allowed for improvement in organizational communication, formalizing an integrated GRC & Legal program, understanding the importance of properly documented “internal” Service Level Agreements (SLAs), being able to take  proactive- actions with change management and incidents, establishing a universal common language with metadata using data modeling, visualizing what data resides where, and much more.

Valeh has guided project teams in formulating strategic vision, tactical roadmap and assessment of large, complex enterprise-wide clients such as the United States Postal Service , Social Security Administration  and  Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation — by collaborating with their CIO Office, Legal Counsel, Financial departments, etc.

I had the chance to interview Valeh via email about her upcoming session.

Tell us about your upcoming session at CA World 2013.

I’m excited to be sharing insight at CA World. My session is about leveraging performance management to drive transformation and business value. Performance management allows an executive view of what is going on in their organization so they can make effective and quick decisions based on reliable data.

Many organizations want a “GPS,” a road map plan, to help them meet their strategic objective. Unfortunately, some don’t know what to look for, where to start, or what their next steps should be.

I will be giving a high-level overview and revealing our company’s methodology secret on ways to properly execute and implement business performance management, in addition to exposing four  key areas of intelligence that significantly drive transformation and business value.

That’s a lot to cover  in one hour but if I can empower the attendees with a “aha” moment that triggers them to do something new or different, no matter how big or small, it can have a significant impact on their organization.

Although the track is for Service & Portfolio Management – the topic is inter-related with other divisions of CA’s focus area:

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What are the top 3 things you want attendees to learn from your session?

  • 1. Communication is key to meeting organizational strategic objectives — a part of that includes using Metadata effectively in Data Modeling to create a common language and being able to visualize.

  • 2. Documenting “internally” is critical — one of the essential ways to document internally is by formalizing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – I will be discussing the importance.

  • 3. And of course the four key Intelligences which will be revealed to attendees.

How does the cloud play a role in performance management?

Moving to the cloud is a strategic initiative for many companies. I will show them how they can map out a plan that would not only meet organizational performance but ensures  that GRC & legal matters are in alignment as well. I just completed a workshop at the 2013 GRC Summit in Boston that provided lots of insight on how individuals tasked  with GRC responsibilities can be in alliance with corporate strategy and objectives. At CA World, I will be talking from the corporate strategy and objectives position — addressing how it all comes together.

What are you looking forward to and what do you hope to take away from CA World 2013?

I want to help shift attendees’ thought process, to help them start asking questions, getting out of their comfort zone and getting uncomfortable -that is the only way they will grow, change and make a difference in their organization.

I am actually looking to give things away, instead of taking. In addition to the presentation, materials, and the secret formula, I will be giving away some goodies that can be used over and over again. I can’t tell you what it is–I don’t want to spoil the surprise! But it is intended only for attendees that participate in the session.

I am prepared, excited and ready for the conference. I have even downloaded the CA World Mobile App – have you?

Can’t wait to see everyone there — say hello to friends, make some new ones!

Derek Stevens (@DerekintheCloud) is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies specializing in mobile…



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