Celebrating Women of the Channel 2018

Seven CA executives named Women of the Channel by CRN.

Each year CRN, a division of the Channel Company, honors women based on their professional accomplishments, demonstrated expertise and ongoing dedication to the IT channel and whose channel expertise and vision are deserving of recognition.

We are proud to announce that seven  executives from CA Technologies and CA Veracode were awarded this honor in 2018:

Tricia Atchison, Vice President, Global Partner Marketing
Paula Gil,  CA Advantage Partner Program Global Program Lead
Laura McGregor, Senior Director, Global RTM Partner Marketing
Sheree Wong, Senior Director, Global Partner Strategy
Leslie Bois, Vice President, Global Channel & Alliances, CA Veracode
Robin Montague, Senior Director, National Partners, CA Veracode
Lisa Quinby, Director, Global Partner and Field Marketing, CA Veracode

Tricia Atchison and Leslie Bois were also named to the CRN Power 100 list. The Power 100 belong to an exclusive group drawn from the larger list: women leaders whose vision and influence are key drivers of their companies’ success and help move the entire IT channel forward.

Here is what these leaders have to say about their accomplishments in the channel business and their own professional goals for the next year.

How have you personally helped advance your CA’s channel business over the past year?

Tricia Atchison: I have been focused on developing deeper relationships with our focus partners across our various routes to market to better engage with them to develop joint go-to-market plans that drive thought leadership, as well as help them leverage the tools and programs we offer to generate demand and accelerate pipeline. By spending time with our partners, I have been able to better understand their business, the opportunities we have together and how we can help them capitalize on their investment and their program earnings. For instance, when our partners earn MDF, we want to make sure our partners have every opportunity to utilize the funds they earn to grow their business. We have seen our partners increase the utilization of their MDF which has resulted in demand creation, pipeline acceleration and more customer engagement.

Paula Gil: As part of our commitment to “Being Partner Driven”, my focus has been on designing the program that frames how CA engages with its partners: the CA Advantage Partner Program. Phase One of the program launched in April 2017 and completely reorganized the reseller engagement model; driving extreme simplification and increased profitability in a way that both energized and protected a partner’s road to success. Building on that successful 2017 reseller program launch, my focus for the last year was to design and implement Phase Two of the CA Advantage Partner Program, extending the wave of reorganization to other key areas where CA is experiencing notable partner growth: MSP and SaaS Partner ecosystems. In April 2018, the CA Advantage Partner Program will offer our MSP and SaaS partners benefits previously enjoyed only by resellers, like increased profitability, deal development protection, marketing co-investment, prioritized support and comprehensive training. Early feedback from Advisory Council partners is promising; it should be an exciting year!

Leslie Bois: With web application attacks being one of the most frequent incident patterns in confirmed breaches, there is an opportunity for partners to grow their businesses around CA Veracode’s Application Security Platform. In 2017, I spearheaded enhancing the partner program to support the growth of partners’ business with CA Veracode and made it easier to do business with the company. My team worked closely with the internal sales team on partner engagement and doubled down on enablement programs to ensure CA Veracode partners drove their own sales campaigns successfully. This resulted in deal registrations tripling and double-digit growth of partner originated business.

Robin Montague:  There is an opportunity for partners to grow their businesses around the CA Veracode Application Security Platform. In 2017 I focused on supporting the enablement of my partner’s Application Security practice. Program Management is an important component of the CA Veracode application security solution and also a key element of my partner’s value proposition. Part of enabling their AppSec practice to deliver a complete program is to recognize that “every company today is a software company”.  And, with CA Veracode plus partner services, the software a customer develops in-house, buys or downloads can be scanned for flaws and vulnerabilities very early in the software development lifecycle, remediated and released into production faster, more safely and therefore, more cost effectively. My partner is able to drive sales from discovery to close with dramatically increased profit margins and truly impact the security of their customers with a programmatic approach. Support for this methodology is boosted by targeted marketing activities where together, we demonstrate our knowledge of the customer’s concerns, share education and best practices around Application Security and how we enable DevSecOps.

What are your goals for CA’s channel business over the next year?

Tricia Atchison: I will continue to focus on driving deeper engagement and relevance with our focus partners and provide tools to help them develop integrated marketing plans with a focus on digital demand. I will work them to understand their go to market strategy, customer segmentations and key business initiatives to build joint plans and provide tools to enhance their marketing knowledge and skills. As the buyer’s journey continues to evolve and digital information plays a greater role in how customers get their information it’s important to align our marketing programs to reach prospective customers in the way they consume information.

Laura McGregor: This year, in addition to continuing my focus on refining our route to market strategies and building solid joint partner marketing plans, we will be shifting our model to align more tightly with our product and solution business units and Corporate Demand teams. This shift will allow us to expand our reach and scale to and through partners with integrated campaigns.

Sheree Wong: CA’s partner business is maturing, and we will differentiate our strategy through greater partner route focus. Customers are seeking outcome-based services and are going directly to Service Providers (SP). As a result, SPs are undergoing a business transformation where their business model is shifting from one that is practitioner-led, and technology assisted, to one that is technology-led, and practitioner assisted. SPs are developing offerings and building platforms and are seeking specific vendors to jointly go to market. It’s critical that CA is prepared for this transformation with route-based strategies for participation in these platforms and offerings with our SP partners.

Leslie Bois: My top goals for the CA Veracode channel business for 2018 are to increase the percentage of partner revenue to total revenue, grow our community of services-ready partners, and increase investment and accelerate growth in our other key markets of EMEA, APAC and LATAM.

Lisa Quinby: There is an opportunity for CA Veracode to continue to nurture and expand our partner network across the globe. Through our marketing efforts, I plan to support that expansion through new recruitment in white spaces and enablement initiatives, while continuing to drive regional demand generation programs with our partners.

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