How do children stay safe online in the digital age?

NetSmartz and Clicky are educating children on how to recognize potential Internet risks.

Every year, October ushers in a season of change – the air becomes crisper, the leaves take on more vibrant hues and students across the country dig into their classwork and prepare for exams.

With all of this activity in the classroom and around fall holidays, we spend a lot of time online. In the rush of our day-to-day lives, especially in a world driven by apps and smartphones, it’s easy to forget the importance of following basic Internet safety tips – and encouraging our children to do the same.

That’s why CA Technologies is proud to continue our partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. CA is excited to help support NCMEC’s NetSmartz program. This free, interactive online educational resource for children ages 5-17 is important year-round, but especially during Cyber Security Awareness Month in October.

For more than a decade we’ve supported NCMEC’s efforts to find missing children and make online communities safe for young people through software and financial contributions. By bringing together NCMEC’s issue-area expertise and leadership with CA’s software resources and philanthropic support, we strive to make America safer for all children – online and off. But our goal for NetSmartz goes beyond solving problems that already exist – through preventative education, we want to make all children safer.

NetSmartz educates children on how to recognize potential Internet risks and encourages them to have healthy conversations with their parents about how to be safer online. We want to help NCMEC make this easier for families by offering tools that teach kids what to do, potential consequences and where to go for help.

The key with prevention education is to start early. That’s where Clicky, the NetSmartz spokesrobot, comes in. For more than 15 years, kids around the country between the ages of 5 and 10, have reached out to Clicky to ask him questions about cyber safety and what’s best to do while online in their own, sometimes misspelled, words:

dear.clicky, i have a huge problem and i need your help these people keep sending me unitproprete stuff and pics so i need your help clicky! your friend, kaiya

hi clicky. so I love netsmartz allot. So I was tiping online and someone asked for my password. I dinnet know what to do so then I wached won of your vidios. Right after that I said no. then he asked why not? Then I said because im not going to then i blocked it.

It’s heartening to see that kids and teens have found a trusted friend in Clicky. It’s this connection with kids that makes CA want to support NCMEC and the NetSmartz program.

This October, pause from the busy fall season to talk with the children in your life about Internet safety. We’re in a digital age that is only expanding, and children access smartphones and tablets at younger and younger ages. Together, we can ensure that our children develop a healthy relationship with the technology that is at their fingertips every day.

CA Technologies is a longtime NCMEC partner. As a global software company, CA is working with companies worldwide to change the way we live, transact, and communicate. From planning to development to management to security, at CA we create software that fuels transformation for companies in the application economy.

CA Together, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, is dedicated to improving the lives of underserved children and communities. We do this by supporting organizations, programs and initiatives that enrich the lives and well-being of people everywhere, with a primary focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. Our goal is to help transform the lives of young people and encourage the development of future leaders in IT.

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