Want to remix your code? It’s never been easier.

Technology has a way of disrupting long-established practices.

Remixes started to disrupt the music industry in the 60s and 70s, turning pop tunes into dance club hits. Widely available magnetic tape recording equipment launched the ability to record small parts of a song and alter it by chopping, looping, speeding up or slowing down the tempo or even removing instruments and vocals altogether. These samples were then used to create dynamic new music. The remix was born.

Software development has seen similar advances. The internet has spawned amazing communities like StackOverflow and GitHub, where helpful software developers provide solutions to millions of coding problems. You might view these code samples as a catalog of remixable software, with trillions of lines of code, many of which include detailed annotations and alternatives.

This catalog is growing at an amazing rate. Stack Overflow averages over 10,000 questions asked and answered each day. According to a 2016 Stack Overflow survey, 74% of software developers reference Stack Overflow daily for coding solutions while 93% admit to copying code directly into their projects. Tools like stack-overflow-importer and “ask stack give developers the ability to manually remix code right in their Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The current state-of-the-art practice is to crudely copy and paste code into projects. This method requires users to manually search, select and implement the best pieces of code – leading to sub-optimal selection and wasted time.

Our team at CodePilot.ai, a project in the CA Accelerator, is working to enhance software developers’ coding effectiveness. Using Deep Learning we aggregate and curate the information you need to get unblocked faster. We do this in ALL of your IDE’s, working as your virtual pair programmer.

CodePilot.ai is fully aware of project properties including language, structure and available libraries, helping to correct coding mistakes and inform optimal decision making. By taking advantage of this sophisticated capability, you can rapidly select the code you need to mastermind the perfect software remix.

You can see some of our progress as well as share your feedback by signing up at CodePilot.ai or by sending me a message at Ian@CodePilot.ai.


Ian is the founder of CodePilot.ai, a CA Accelerator lean startup. Ian is driven to…


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