Confessions from a customer experience transformer

Senior VP of global customer success vows to get out of the trenches and get into the customer conversation.

I have a confession. It’s been over two years since I became the general manager and senior vice president of Global Customer Success for CA Technologies. We’ve been busy that whole time making improvements based on feedback from our customers and employees. The problem is, I haven’t told many people about it.

We are obsessed with measuring, analyzing, and improving our end-to-end customer experience, but I have been consistently inconsistent in communicating all the awesome things we’ve been doing.

The ‘aha’ moment

I recognized my communications shortfall at a recent dinner party. I was speaking with some very accomplished people, and we went around the table introducing ourselves one by one — an environmental scientist, an investment banker, a best-selling author. With each introduction, the career stories grew more impressive, and I was the last in line. As the guests sipped their drinks, I started to introduce myself as general manager of a customer success and support organization for a large global enterprise software company.

In the middle of that very matter-of-fact job description, I stopped. How little those words described what we “really do” every day. I instantly reframed my thoughts and took a more expansive path:

“Actually, I lead a team of customer-driven superheros whose mission is to keep the global economy up and running. They keep many of the world’s largest, most respected institutions online — by keeping their IT infrastructure, applications, and services running uninterrupted — 24x7x365.”

I explained how we’ve challenged ourselves to a complete customer experience redesign. I described how we began to rethink the ways we interact with customers and how we now look for ways to surprise and delight them with “Wow Moments” that completely exceed their expectations and create deeper, more personal, and trusting relationships.

I got a ton of questions that night from excited, curious, and interested people. I felt proud of CA as I described our products that power governments, automotive giants, high tech innovators, lifesaving medical companies, and industrial titans — and how the heroes on my team work around the clock to keep the global economy humming even though nobody sees them.

That evening was the first time I explained to anyone outside of CA what we actually do, and that’s exactly why I am starting this blog. It takes a team of 1000+ engineers, support analysts, and customer experience managers to keep customers not only satisfied but happy, engaged, and loyal. So I have some amazing stories to tell.

Moving forward

My vow is to get out of the trenches, put on my communications hat, and share the great examples, lessons, and tips about where this journey started and where we are going as we dramatically transform our customers’ experience and our industry.

If you’re a customer, team member, or reader who is part of that noble calling that involves customer experience management, support, organizational transformation, or growth acceleration, I’d love to hear from you.

You can connect with me directly on LinkedIn and Twitter, or comment here. I’ll be in touch.


Dayton is general manager Global Customer Success at CA Technologies. His team is dedicated to…


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