Continuous delivery at work: stories of relentless automation

Can you reliably release applications at any time like these CA customers?

Let’s talk about the continuous delivery conundrum. Development teams are getting agile and starting to crank up the volume of many smaller application stories.

How do you keep up with the steady cadence and higher volume of application content speeding down the pipeline? How do you efficiently deploy that content through testing, QA and into the hands of your customers—ensuring it meets their expectations again and again?

You’ve got to relentlessly automate to keep up and not just from build to test and within testing environments. You’ve got to automate environment configurations and the deployments of releases into those environments all the way through the pipeline to production. And you’ve got to do it reliably and rapidly.

Release automation: foundation for continuous delivery

CA’s customers in a recent TechValidate survey are talking about how they’ve pulled it off:

“In my organization, we have achieved continuous delivery with CA Release Automation. It’s the best orchestration tool for time to market and to enable the release process to be stable and faster.” Large Enterprise Telecom Services Company TVID: E09-6B3-142

We have been getting very positive feedback for CA Release Automation from our development and release management teams. CA Release Automation changed the way in which the builds are getting deployed to production.” Large Financial Services Company TVID: 76E-CED-317

They are also talking about the value they’ve found with CA Release Automation—“reliably releasing applications on demand” as the most valuable aspect followed closely by “speeding up release cycles.” TVID: AA4-3E5-F42

Continuous delivery stories at CA World ‘15

At CA World ’15, we’re excited to showcase eight unique customer stories for application release automation covering a diverse range of industries from financial to healthcare to telecommunications.

These customers will be talking about the amazing results achieved by adopting continuous delivery practices and how tools like CA Release Automation ignited their transformations.

You’ll hear from ING, a truly best in class example of continuous delivery who started their journey in 2009. Today, they are using container-based solutions, microservices and APIs along with CA Release Automation to build a flexible, resilient and highly available continuous delivery pipeline with little to no downtime.

Or take “in progress” continuous delivery examples like Western Union who is using a grass-roots approach to infiltrate DevOps (and release automation) across organizations and applications in the company. Likewise, Citrix is using CA Release Automation as a catalyst for change and to help spread the DevOps mindset and practices.

Then there are companies showing great continuous delivery results and roadmaps:

  • Akbank will present how they are automating releases in both mobile and mainframe environments.
  • Euroclear will demonstrate continuous delivery working for agile and non-agile projects.
  • Molina Healthcare will share how they brought their complexity under control, decreased deployment time and improved quality with CA Release Automation.


All of these customer stories have one thing in common: they have been able to apply continuous delivery practices successfully and ultimately please their customers.

Most also are finding that as they progress along their continuous delivery journey, they start seeing more and more opportunities to improve the way they design, develop and deliver applications to their customers.

Continuous delivery a work in progress

Perhaps continuous delivery is not a conundrum but a continual work in progress. Many companies are starting small, seeing results and expanding their success to more applications and teams. How can you get started?

Your peers have spoken: CA release automation solutions can be an inspiration and tool for your continuous delivery journey.

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