The case for continuous everything

Tempted to give up testing for a quicker release cycle?

According to a recent Spiceworks survey sponsored by CA Technologies, small to medium enterprises are really ramping up their app delivery times. In fact, one-third release each week – while another third release daily! But speed of release is just the beginning of the story. Quality and performance are equally important. Issues with either will quickly drive users away. Users simply have too many choices to bother with a poor user experience.


To ensure a quality user experience, a cycle of continuous delivery — via continuous release, continuous testing and continuous improvement — is essential. An improved release process combined with a streamlined and automated testing process will turn out faster, better releases – allowing you to achieve lower costs and heightened productivity.

Standardization and automation are at the heart of successful continuous delivery. Automated and standardized release cycles make sense of the release pipeline, managing concurrent releases and all their dependencies while reducing failures. It also lets developers follow their code via an automated hand-off to production.

Continuous testing is also imperative, as it is at the crux of both speed and quality. Reducing the number of release errors is critical and finding errors early in the release cycle actively condenses cycle time. Automation speeds up testing by eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone process of manual test case development and eliminating the wait for test data. In fact, according to survey respondents, 46% cite streamlining and automating test processes as most helpful in the app delivery process.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you had a tool that made everyone’s job easier, helped you work better together, and seamlessly delivered killer apps faster? Is it possible to orchestrate continuous “everything”—development, testing, release and improvement—so that you can continuously deliver high quality applications to your customer?

CA Continuous Delivery Director SaaS (CA CDD SaaS) is an intuitive, powerful release management solution that provides effortless continuous delivery of high-quality, innovative applications from high-performance, collaborative teams. It can adapt to projects large or small, and any level of application complexity. It works with your favorite DevOps tools to fully orchestrate the pipeline, helping applications move seamlessly from one phase to the next. Production releases become routine. With CA CDD SaaS, get up and running quickly and immediately see the positive results of an automated, continuous delivery pipeline.

At DockerCon 2017 we’ll be demoing CA CDD SaaS with fully integrated BlazeMeter and Sauce Labs, along with product experts to explain how it enables continuous testing and to answer all your questions. Best yet, you can sign up to use CA CDD SaaS for free and experience the benefits for yourself.

CA CDD SaaS is part of the Continuous Delivery ecosystem from CA, which includes DevOps products from planning to production.

Visit us at DockerCon 2017 April 17-20 in Austin, Texas to see a live demo and sign up for CDD SaaS.

Christine Bentsen is a Director of Product Marketing for Release Automation at CA Technologies. She…


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