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How customer demand turned our business into a software business

Read Swisscom’s story about how it is turning customers into program directors by allowing them to choose how, when and where they watch TV.

With analog TV, we (those of us who can remember life before the Internet) were restricted to watch the shows we wanted to see when the broadcasters were showing them.

Now, with digital TV services, we don’t have to be glued to our sets at a specific time to watch our favorite shows. We can watch them when we want.

The more we have, the more we want

But like many things in the digital age we’re living in, the more control we have over a service, the more we demand (and expect) from it.

If an Internet page doesn’t load in seconds, we say (or at least I know I do) the service is “slow”.

Business rewritten by software

In the application economy, customer demand is changing businesses into software businesses. Think of it like businesses being rewritten by software.

That was the challenge that Switzerland’s leading telecom provider, Swisscom, was facing with its new digital TV solution, Swisscom TV 2.0.

Out with the old, in with the new

Swisscom TV 2.0 is a Cloud-based solution that replaces the traditional set top box for interactive television and TV on demand. It offers Swisscom customers features such as seven day replay across 250 channels, more top-rated films and live sports events and mobile viewing on their smartphones, tablets or PCs.

When customers navigate these services, they are in fact navigating a browser, which gets its content streamed from a Cloud service. In order to provide new content and service functionality to TV 2.0, Swisscom had to implement a release automation solution that was seamlessly scalable.

From days and weeks to hours

That’s why Swisscom chose CA Release Automation to push out releases between test and production in hours and not days or weeks – which could have a negative impact on user experience.

Swisscom TV head of DevOps Ahmad Alayan said the CA Technologies solution is transforming the way it rolls out its new digital TV services to customers.

“This next-generation CA Technologies solution will have a transformative impact on Swisscom TV, allowing the organization to roll-out compelling new digital TV services more quickly, to a very high standard of quality and at lower cost,” Alayan said.

“This is a reflection of today’s application economy driven by the consumer.”

He added: “By relying on CA Technologies to introduce these new services more quickly, we are giving our one million customers greater choice – turning them into their own program directors, with the flexibility to decide how, when and where they watch.”

To meet and exceed your customers’ demands, find out more about the solutions that CA Technologies offers to help you to navigate your way in the application economy.

For more on Swisscom’s story, watch Alayan’s interview on CA Technologies YouTube channel below.

Now, where’s that remote…

Has customer demand turned your business into a software business? If so, leave a comment below or get in touch @SarahLysecki.

Why Swisscom chose CA Release Automation

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