In the Spirit of CX Day, Sharing Lessons Learned

CX Day is an opportunity to celebrate our CX journey and give back by sharing what we learned along the way.

Happy Customer Experience Day!  October 2 is CX Day, a day founded by the Customer Experience Professionals Organization (CXPA) to underscore the importance of focusing on the customer experience.  2018 marks CA Technologies’ 4th year of observing this occasion.

This year, I would like to share CX learnings that we’ve accumulated at CA in hopes that others will find valuable takeaways to apply to their own CX journeys.

Sharing CX lessons learned

To help me with this, I called upon members of my Global Customer Success leadership team who have been with me throughout CA’s CX transformation to contribute their “lessons learned”. I edited this list and added a few lessons of my own. Here goes:

  1. Build on existing world class CX thought leadership. We learned a ton from CXPA, Forrester, Bain, PwC, TSIA, Temkin, MIT, Strativity, the Disney Institute and more.
  2. Contribute back to the community CX knowledge base so that we may move the art and science of CX forward.
  3. Adopt a “customer promise” to align the organization and drive a customer-centric mindset.
  4. Use metrics, analytics and dashboards to make your business case and to report on results.  Our ability to link NPS improvements to revenue was key.
  5. Bring NPS data to life by using the customer journey to frame the insights.
  6. Educate departments throughout the company in customer journey mapping and CX best practices so that communication surrounding CX is based on a common understanding.
  7. Involve departments throughout the company in CX governance through an internal CX Council to facilitate company-wide change.
  8. Aligning CX with our Global Information Systems department facilitated access to technology platforms.
  9. Use feedback-gathering systems and processes to understand the experiences customers want to have with your company.
  10. Fund your CX initiatives within existing departmental budgets to drive home the idea that CX is integral to our success.
  11. Appreciate the impact of employee experience and employee engagement on customer experience.
  12. Use playbooks to provide a guided customer journey and to deliver consistent customer experiences.
  13. Technology and automation are required to achieve higher levels of efficiency.
  14. Perform small scale experiments to learn fast.
  15. Multiple customer success models allow you to better align with customer segments.
  16. Involve your customers in CX design work. They want you to be successful in helping them achieve success!
  17. Celebrate success through stories, awards and other communications to inspire and motivate.
  18. Customers will remember how you made them feel so look for opportunities to have an impact.
  19. As you build your CX strategy, keep in mind that changing technology is easy, changing behavior is hard.

And now for my own premier lesson learned through my amazing experiences working on CA’s CX transformation:

  20. CX truly is a team sport!

This is not just a platitude. It has been my privilege to lead more than a thousand Customer Support and Customer Success professionals within my department and to influence thousands more employees within the company. I have been lucky enough to work with a great team, all of whom share my passion and drive to transform CA into the customer-focused organization we have today.  We learned together so that we could educate others on best practices.  We experimented together trialing big ideas that led to big outcomes.

Giving thanks

I’d like to thank them all for their hard work, dedication and loyalty. Through their efforts, we have helped improve the experiences of CA’s customers.  By sharing what we learned along the way, I hope we can help improve the experiences of all customers.


Dayton is general manager Global Customer Success at CA Technologies. His team is dedicated to…


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