Data Privacy Day recognizes need to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust

Your privacy and personal data is so important a day has been set aside to recognize it.

Across Europe and the U.S. we have earmarked January 28 as Data Privacy/Protection Day. On this day, we acknowledge and celebrate the increased global focus on how to protect data of users and organizations.

But keeping our information protected and private is something we need to think about year-round, every day, 24×7.

Ways to keep data privacy and protection in your heart year-round

Awareness: We need a stronger awareness and education with both consumers and individuals at the enterprise level. While Data Privacy Day (Data Protection Day) is a perfect moment to increase such awareness, organizations need to have a continuous focus on spreading the message of its importance.

Taking responsibility: Organizations need to also take a strong responsibility in investing in the right processes and policies to ensure that they have adequate protections in place for private and personal data they may hold. As a company, CA engages with our customers on helping them to address some of these challenges from a technological point of view. This can range from how to authenticate people that want access to data and an increased focus on privileged access management to ensure those individuals and accounts that may have access to systems holding sensitive data are controlled and closely monitored.

Policy plays a role

CA Technologies also is supportive of legal frameworks around data protection. Such frameworks however, should focus on the objectives but leave enough flexibility for organizations from different sectors to meet those.

Policymakers have indeed taken note. The European Union adopted a new wide ranging data protection law, General Data Protection Regulation. Other regions in the world also are taking a stronger approach around how to protect users and organizations’ data. With GDPR fines, it is clear that organizations will need to continue to invest in processes and technologies to ensure data is protected. Building in privacy and security mechanisms from the start in products and services can go a long way to better data protection.

As a company, CA Technologies has been very active in these discussions. We strongly believe that privacy and security – as a route to building trust – are crucial in the further development of the application economy. We are committed to continue our engagement with policymakers and our customers.

Happy Data Protection/Data Privacy Day!

Christoph Luykx
Christoph is the global Chief Privacy Strategist, responsible for CA’s views and global strategy on…


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