Data protection in the application economy

January 28 is Data Protection Day (referred to as Data Privacy Day in the US). The annual event aims to promote awareness of the importance of data protection through activities across the globe. Here's what the implications are for privacy and security.

We are living in an application economy with global interconnectedness. The technology solutions that power the application economy must be built on user trust to deliver on their potential. Both privacy and security as interrelated components are crucial.

“If businesses, governments and consumers do not trust that their information is private and secure, then this will negatively affect growth of the application economy,” according to CA Technologies global privacy officer Bonnie Yeomans. “Today provides an opportunity for CA to outline our views on privacy and security, and to highlight our commitment to our customers to safeguard their privacy.”

How to continue ensuring trust

CA Technologies believes the best way to ensure trust is through the adoption of efficient and globally harmonized privacy frameworks, which respect the free flow of information and economic growth. Such efforts need to be based on strong cooperation between governments, industry and other stakeholders. CA Technologies VP of global government relations Brendan Peter said: “As cultures vary across the globe, the way such policies might get implemented may differ. However, CA believes that there are common guiding principles.”

Common guiding principles

Principles – not prescriptiveness: Privacy frameworks should focus on privacy principles and set clear objectives. Overly prescriptive and detailed rules should be avoided as they risk becoming a check-the box-exercise instead of focusing on real outcomes.

Shared responsibility: Protecting privacy is a shared responsibility. Governments, industry, NGOs and individuals all have their role to play. Only by strong cooperation amongst all actors can we ensure strong protection.

Harmonized: Privacy regimes need to take into account the global interconnectedness and the fact that data flows across borders. There is a need to find solutions to allow such flows to continue and any arbitrary attempt to restrict international data flows should be avoided.

Our commitment

To further strengthen our existing privacy programs, CA is currently in the process of acquiring Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) working with the European Data Protection authorities. Once approved, our BCRs will create a comprehensive global data protection and privacy framework for the handling of all personal data throughout CA Technologies. “Privacy and data protection are a top priority at CA. It’s something we think about 365 days of the year as part of our commitment to our customers, partners and employees.”

And although data privacy and protection are an everyday priority, today provides an opportunity to reach out again to our employees and customers, and reinforce this message.

On behalf of all of our employees, CA wishes you a Happy Data Protection Day!

Christoph Luykx
Christoph is the global Chief Privacy Strategist, responsible for CA’s views and global strategy on…


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