Developer, Docker innovations on full display at DevWeek New York

Adopting Docker a top priority for developers

DevWeek NYC brought a wealth of exhibitors, from large and small companies alike, to Brooklyn this week – all eager to show off their latest and greatest solutions. One clear takeaway from the conference: everyone understands developers are key influencers within today’s organizations. Devs often have the ear of those who determine which tools the organization adopts. A bottom-up approach means that companies, more than ever, are focused on creating innovative solutions that make dev’s lives easier.

Developers are somewhat notorious for wanting the latest solutions. A crowded landscape of options, coupled with short-term pricing models, allow for swift abandonment if existing tools don’t live up to expectations. Vendors are realizing that in order to win they must continuously produce innovative new products that appeal specifically to devs. This mindset has yielded some very cool offerings.

Walking through the DevWeek expo center, one couldn’t help but notice some intriguing applications of leading technologies. Among them, VR visualization of code, GUI interfaces for building apps and new ways to ease the adoption of open source code. One common theme that seemed to grab attendees’ attention – innovations around Docker and containers.

The hype around Docker is reaching a critical mass and everyone is taking notice. Most attendees indicated that they’re either fully on-board with Docker or eager to start with it soon. As expected, a number of Docker-centric innovations seemed to really catch attendees’ eyes.

Perhaps the most innovative was, a visual modeling tool for microservice applications. A startup within CA Technologies’ Accelerator program, was born out of the pain of having to manually editing YAML files; a pain that is amplified when adopting containers at scale. allows developers to build an application via a visual interface that generates the YAML file for you. The rubber meets the road when you consider that YAML is generated for not just one coding environment, but multiple – including Compose, Compose 3, OpenShift and Kubernetes. As the single source of coding truth, enables Dev and Ops teams to each operate in their desired environment, without having to worry about semantic differences between them. is not alone – CA Accelerator is also producing a number of other developer-first tools:

  •, proven toolchains speed time to production for Docker teams
  •, a project management tool powered by GitHub issues and pull requests
  •, provides faster solutions to coding problems
  •, an adaptive virtual device to shift-left IoT development


As Docker trends towards mainstream adoption, specifically for enterprises, it’s fair to suspect that the number of dev-first Docker tools and innovations will continue to grow. Who knows what we will see by the time next year’s DevWeek NYC rolls around…

Check out’s DevWeek session on modeling for microservice apps. Or, if you’re interested in learning about other useful developer tools from CA, visit:

Kyle Curry is a product marketing manager at CA Technologies, supporting the project teams in…



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