DevOps: A more civilized approach to building applications

It's time to take a more civilized approach to software development—DevOps and Cloud can help get you there.

In business, we tend to use the word philosophy to describe a set of beliefs or principles that a company, organization or team uses to guide them. For example, some would describe Agile or DevOps as a philosophy to software development. Strictly speaking, this is not entirely incorrect—but it’s quite different than the type of philosophy first explored by Socrates, Plato and the like.

The original form of philosophy was literally seen as the “love of wisdom—in Greek, “philo-“ means “love” and “-sophos,” is translated to “wisdom.” This love of wisdom began in ancient Greece in the 6th century BCE with folks such as Pythagoras, Thales and of course Socrates, and has evolved and matured in the millennia since.

It’s no coincidence that Western philosophy originated in Ancient Greece. Ancient Greece was the most advanced civilization at the time, and the link between civilization and philosophy, culture and technological advancement is easy to understand.

With civilization comes a degree of security. Living in a city protected by walls and armed soldiers, and with a steady source of food and water, means that individuals can spend less time fulfilling their basic survival needs. When you don’t have to worry about getting eaten by a lion, or chasing down something for dinner yourself, you have a lot more time on your hands.

While some would say that “idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” without free time, advances in philosophy, music and technology would never occur. Simply put, when smart people have time to focus on things beyond basic survival, they can come up with some pretty innovative stuff.

The same can be said for software engineers, QA testers and others in the field of software development. When your development, testing and operations teams can focus less on the basic survival of your software and applications, that’s where the magic can happen.

Humans require food, water and shelter to survive; software and applications depend on bug fixes, feature backlog requests and integrations to survive. But it’s the higher-level functions like user experience and competitively differentiated features that are necessary to advance the goals of your business.

This is where practices and technologies like DevOps, Cloud and continuous testing can help your organization get ahead. According to a recent study by FreeForm Dynamics, advanced DevOps practitioners who also use cloud tools extensively see a 77% improvement in predictability.

Just as civilization helped early philosophers worry less about unpredicted events (like being chased by a lion), DevOps and Cloud helps modern software developers spend less time on unpredicted work (like fixing bug defects) and more time creating innovations. Thus, it’s no surprise that these also see a 69% improvement in the quality of the user experience within their apps.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to take a more civilized approach to software development—things like DevOps and Cloud can help get you there. To learn about the other advantages of combining these two, you can read the full report from FreeForm Dynamics.

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