DevOps for mainframe: A new hope

In a galaxy not so far away, CA shares a plan to bring DevOps to mainframe and restore sanity to software companies across the globe.

The Last Jedi. The next Stars Wars film, episode 8 in the series, absolutely takes the cake for ominous-sounding Star Wars titles. I cried watching The Force Awakens when Han Solo died. I cried watching Rogue One when the rebels died on Eadu. And with the passing away of Carrie Fisher last year, I’m pretty sure I will cry watching The Last Jedi should her character twin brother also meet his demise.

Star Wars heartbreak is not all bad, and in true geek style, I’ll imagine its parallel to real life. Companies small and large battling to survive and thrive in the application economy? Now that makes for some real heartbreak.

A new hope

Speaking of the application economy, the pressure felt by software teams today can be quite painful. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find Dev and Ops teams in constant conflict over priorities, each eyeing the other as if they embodied the dark side itself.

The principles and practices of DevOps resolves this conflict by championing the values of both sides, stability and agility. With each team having skin in the game, Development and Operations are incented to work in tandem, driving collaboration across all platforms mobile to mainframe and over the entire software development lifecycle.

“You can’t win, Darth. If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: A New Hope

I absolutely love this scene in A New Hope. Watching Obi-Wan fall is heart wrenching, but it perfectly draws out the motif for the enduring nature of The Force and the power of renewal.

For companies managing software teams, which in fact represent most companies today, the disruption spurred by the application economy has also resulted in heartache. DevOps can bring about renewal, retaining some of what made for good software development in the past while layering on best practices to promote velocity, agility, quality and a focus on maximizing the customer experience.

Use the force

Bringing DevOps to the mainframe starts with a change in culture. However, understanding the component tools that make for an effective DevOps for Mainframe solution goes a long way toward enabling that transition, in particular if the path to adoption smartly leverages your existing toolset.

Catch featured industry analyst speaker Rob Stroud in this webcast for insights into how forward-thinking organizations are unlocking the potential of their mainframe investments by utilizing DevOps practices to challenge traditional development methodologies and deliver differentiated products and services – faster and with greater quality.


Marvin leads product marketing for the CA Mainframe Application Development portfolio, and supports the BU…


  • venkata sreerama murty maddula

    Nice.I would like to say do it for VMS VAX too a.May be u can make Docker available for mainframes too.


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