New to DockerCon: CI/CD. Simplified.

Looking to continuously deliver containerized apps, but find yourself wasting time and resources?

A major issue that plagues developers and operators is how to quickly infuse CI/CD processes into their applications.

It seems simple enough, but when you get down to it, the lack of existing end-to-end deployment models, out-of-the-box tool integrations, and industry best practices are major roadblocks for teams hoping to catch the fast track to continuous delivery.

We’ve witnessed many teams assign their best developers to manually build a CI/CD process and tooling from scratch. The result is often an arduous journey – the process is slow, vulnerable to setbacks and an inefficient use of resources.

In fact, according to our industry research and customers’ testimony,

  • Over 80% of teams report manually creating their own CI/CD processes for containers
  • Teams typically spend 12-18 months completing this task


Your best developers could provide much higher value focusing on more impactful tasks — such as developing applications that deliver on your customer’s requirements.

The frustrating part is that it has all been done before. Others in the industry have created CI/CD processes that are likely more effective than what many small teams can produce. So, why reinvent the wheel?

What if there was an out-of-the-box set of opinionated CI/CD workflows with supporting toolchains? This would allow you to optimize your CI/CD processes and avoid the legwork of designing and implementing them altogether. This a la carte best practice menu would open a new world of efficiencies and possibilities.


Don’t feel like waiting 18 months for your container deliveries to become a reality? is a lean startup committed to solving this problem for Docker teams.

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