Has the buzz around Docker hidden its complexities?

What we learned at DockerCon '17

As we all expected, DockerCon did not disappoint with a record number of attendees (hovering around 6,000) and completely selling out. Developers came from all over the world with varying levels of Docker expertise, from just starting out to expert level, to learn and participate in the growing community.

Some of the trends we noticed from speaking with attendees and from the sessions/workshops include:

  • The shininess of utilizing containers is giving way to the complexities of developing microservice apps, and people are looking for simplification.
  • There is still no clear “winner” for orchestration environments across Docker Compose/Swarm, Kubernetes, Openshift and more.
  • The Docker ecosystem continues to increase rapidly as container adoption increases.
  • Security is still a hot issue. We saw more and more security vendors and talks this year.


We heard, loud and clear, the challenges being faced when building microservice apps – from visualizing dependencies, networking, and storage to dev teams wanting to use Compose while ops teams want to use Kubernetes or Openshift. Today, most teams are manually creating and editing YAML files to get apps into production. This makes it hard to visualize app architectures and wastes time trying to get the syntax correct across different file formats.

At Yipee.io, we’ve experienced many of the same challenges. We’re excited to be able to help DevOps teams better create, collaborate on, and orchestrate microservice applications across orchestration environments without editing YAML. Has the time come for simpler microservice apps? We’re working to make sure the answer is “Yes”!

Can’t wait to see what the next DockerCon has in store!

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Mark Emeis is a founder of the yipee.io CA Accelerator project, focusing on building tools…


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