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Does your 5 star rating really matter?

Online peer reviews are changing the game for enterprise software.

Last month I took a Caribbean cruise, but my experience didn’t stop there. When I returned home, I was inspired to write a review of my experience on TripAdvisor. I also shared insights on a local restaurant I visited on Yelp, and finally, I rated a transaction with a new travel accessories merchant on Amazon.

There is a deep tradition of sharing our opinions, whether through word of mouth to our friends and neighbors, in newspaper editorials, on radio and television, and now on the Internet. Review sites like Yelp and others have been leading the consumer feedback economy in the US and around the world.

But more recently, companies like IT Central Station and Gartner  have launched IT peer review services to help enterprise professionals evaluate technology solutions based on customer experiences.

Online reviews change the game in how consumers, and now, IT professionals are evaluating products and services, and ultimately making buying decisions. According to AdWeek, 79 percent of businesses believe that online reviews play an important role in consumer decision making.

Furthermore, 62 percent of online consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company if they read a positive review, according to a recent study by digital consulting firm, Econsultancy.

But, there’s an upside for vendors as well. Online reviews can also help businesses improve their products and services. In the same study, 58% of businesses say that reviews help them identify opportunities for business improvements.

We at CA Technologies carefully analyze online peer reviews and incorporate feedback and suggestions into our agile development process.

Unlike consumer sites, IT professionals have the option of posting reviews anonymously with only their company size and industry listed. Here’s an example of an IT professional who shared a review of our CA Application Performance Management solution on IT Central Station.

Now it’s your turn. Your voice as a user can be heard. Join the movement of IT peer reviews and share your experiences by submitting a Gartner Peer Insights or IT Central Station review on CA APM or another CA solution that provides value for your organization.


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