Don’t let software defects scare you this Halloween (or ever)

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Let’s face it, software defects are scary. Hardly a week goes by without news of some company’s software problems making headlines. I won’t give specific examples here (as you’ve likely seen them yourself) but flights grounded, personal data exposed, even years of medical research called into question—these are just some of the side effects of poor software quality.

These defects can destroy your company’s reputation, harm customer relationships and eat away at revenues—causing more damage than a horde of zombies in Walking Dead. Yet despite all the focus in the industry around initiatives like DevOps, Agile and Continuous Delivery, these defects are still making their way into production. The reason is simple: although Agile and DevOps certainly helps deliver better software faster, most organizations experience bottlenecks.

A prime bottleneck is legacy testing practices. Many companies still test their software late in the development lifecycle (after the code is written), using test cases that are both created and initiated via manual processes.

This is a bad combination. Manual processes are both slow and error prone; and waiting until the code is written to test means that test cases are often incomplete or misaligned with real world scenarios—so you’re not getting full test coverage. What happens is an outbreak of defects wreaking havoc.

We need to send the idea of testing as an event to an early grave. Instead, testing should happen earlier in the lifecycle, and be done continuously. Test cases can—and should—be both automatically generated and automatically initiated. It can be done, and many companies have done it, successfully inoculating their code against defects while at the same time accelerating time-to-market.

CA is teaming up with several leading technology companies, including Sauce Labs (Selenium Community), CloudBees (Jenkins Community) Veracode, Testplant, DZone, BlazeMeter and TechWell to host a virtual summit to provide insights into the tricks of continuous testing.

We hope you can join us on Friday, October 13, for the Take the scare out of Continuous Testing virtual summit as we discuss how to remove the frights of software defects by putting legacy testing methods to rest. Register


Aruna Ravichandran is vice president of DevOps Solution Marketing and Management at CA Technologies, responsible…


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