Eight reasons you need an agile coach

Learn how an agile coach can help your organization navigate challenges

The transition to agile is no different than any transition that impacts an entire organization – it’s going to come with some challenges. That’s why CA Technologies has created an entire support structure of agile coaches and consultants who together have helped over a thousand companies to successfully adopt agile methods. Through their collective wisdom, agile coaches help these organizations to navigate challenges, brainstorm solutions and apply agile principles to real world scenarios. An agile coach will benefit your organization when:

1) You need to ensure alignment between strategy and development

Agile coaching helps you design an agile portfolio management process that continuously tracks and prioritizes work according to its value and ability to advance your strategy. Coaches can assist you in  reallocating development resources to maximize portfolio growth aligning strategy and development to ensure releases deliver the most valuable features in your roadmap.

2) You need to adopt agile methods at the team level, in context with your work environment

Agile methodologies are relatively simple, yet they can be difficult for teams to master. Your agile coach can help you put an agile adoption plan together that will foster acceptance. It may start with a general introduction, incorporate learning events and lay out the specific steps each team must take on the road to achieving agile. The coach will help plan, guide and facilitate the implementation of new processes using the actual work going on inside your environment.

3) You need to scale agile practices to the program level successfully

Coaching is essential when scaling to coordinated teams of dozens of employees that are planning and delivering software in an agile program. Our consultants use the scaled agile framework as a starting point and leverage their experience and expertise to fine-tune it until it’s optimized and scaled for your specific needs and unique environment.

4) You need to reallocate resources to maximize portfolio growth

A key benefit of agile is its ability to identify opportunities that will drive growth in your portfolio and then allow you to skillfully and speedily reallocate resources to take advantage of them. The agile coach can assist you in leveraging the CA Agile Central platform to recognize and evaluate these opportunities and to rapidly respond with the right resources.

5) You need to deliver high-value, high-quality products and services that your customers want

The agile coach can help you to develop custom training courses to acquaint everyone with their new responsibilities. Once members are set in their roles, a coach can help instruct teams on how to deliver high-value projects in short increments, while also ensuring focus is on delivering customers the products they need.

6) You need to make fast, critical decisions to avoid common failure patterns

An agile coach will help configure the CA Agile Central platform to make decisions and improvements for the business. They will help to implement and improve agile technical practices and drive collaboration between individuals, teams and programs. As soon as you begin with an agile framework, there are many process and project decisions to make. By combining an agile coach’s proven best practices with your own ideas about your business, you make critical decisions more quickly and with minimal risk.

7) You need performance, visibility and predictability to make more informed decisions

Real-time, cross-team visibility is essential when it comes to understanding team performance, capacity and velocity. Your agile coach will help you use this information to achieve unprecedented predictability, give you the tools you need to effectively organize and prioritize work, and provide stakeholders with all the information necessary to make intelligent, data-driven decisions that fit into the overarching business strategy.

8) You need to adapt to change and more effectively navigate fiercely competitive markets

Your company is operating within a fast-paced, rapidly evolving environment. Competitors are battling you for new business and gunning for your existing customers. Agile coaches mentor team leaders facing these challenges as they help to implement agile best practices, cultivate team collaboration, and design programs that allow you to respond to changing market conditions with confidence and ease.

Got a question? Ask an Agile Coach — for free

Agile coaches accelerate the positive results of agile methods by facilitating, mentoring and guiding you through real work. They support your teams at the most crucial moments, answering questions about agile techniques and modeling the agile mindset that will propel the team to excellence.  Visit “Ask an Agile Coach” now to learn how you can speak to an agile coach.

Marla Schimke
As the Head of Product Marketing for Agile Central at CA Technologies, Marla brings more…


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