Embrace the team, not the ticket

Engage top ITSM and PPM experts at CA’s upcoming virtual summits

A recent deep-dive study revealed that most businesses are still using 20-year-old IT Service Management (ITSM) initiatives. Tech-savvy users expect a seamless experience, and today’s ITSM is just not cutting it.

If you want your organization to succeed at ITSM, you need processes and solutions that make it easy for users to connect with IT. You also need to provide analysts a way to prioritize work and the context to make decisions. In addition, your teams will need a productive approach to managing services in a collaborative world.

This is one of the topics CA will cover in our annual ITSM and PPM virtual summits on March 30 and April 7, respectively. The first summit will cover the history of ITSM, what it will take to bring ITSM into the modern workforce and how we can learn to embrace the teams and not just the ticket.

In the second summit, we’ll focus on is why great projects begin with great teams. Two top trends in project and portfolio management (PPM) are the emphasis companies place on collaboration and teamwork through new tools and processes, and how to manage work across a number of execution approaches including Agile methodologies. You’ll hear from PPM experts on how to create the kind of exceptional team environment that spans execution methods, so the delivery of great projects is achieved.

Industry thought leaders will explore critical topics shaping ITSM and PPM tools and strategies in the summits. We have invited speakers from research firms like Forrester, Ovum, HDI, and PMI along with a list of others like ITSMF and PinkElephant.

Why virtual summits?

These one-day events are a great way to plug into the latest trends impacting the industry along with best practices you can take to impact your organization.

Virtual summits are hosted online where users have the freedom to attend from their office, home or on the go. We believe educational platforms like these should be digitally accessible and not a constraint on budgets or schedule.  This is CA’s third annual virtual summit for ITSM and the fifth one for PPM.

With interactive Q&A sessions included, the summits are carefully designed to make sure that participants walk away with meaningful insights that can be applied in any organization to improve ITSM and PPM business strategies. Our pioneering work with global ITSM and PPM customers provides us with a view into the top challenges companies are facing.

We use that IP to work with our research partners in developing topics that are current so you can anticipate the next big challenges while learning best practices that will help you avoid potential speed bumps.

Registration is free and easy

Both the PPM and ITSM virtual summits are being hosted on BrightTalk, and the registration process is easy and absolutely free.

PPM virtual summit attendees get an extra bonus of one PDU credit per session.

If you register for the ITSM virtual summit by March 23, and the PPM virtual summit by March 31, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win an Apple Watch. To increase your odds, tweet us using hashtag #ITSMSummit or #PPMSummit.

Join our virtual summits to get an edge and be seen as an industry expert in your organization!

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