Expanding CA’s footprint in the Application Economy

How to work with partners to drive innovation.

Businesses often rely on acquisitions as a way to grow and round out their portfolios, or as an entry point into an emerging market.

Rather than building an entirely new business from the bottom up, procuring an existing company or technology is both expedient and efficient.

It yields a faster, better and more economical result: a quicker route to market, added strength to their product or service portfolio, enhanced expertise or an increased knowledge base around a particular area of focus.

At CA, we strengthen our portfolio through homegrown innovation, combined with some acquired technologies, people and skill sets that enhance our offerings. In essence, the right acquisition can expand your footprint.

Take, for example, Google’s acquisition of Waze, a community based traffic app. With over 50 million users and features that Google Maps lacked, this small start-up had quite a bit to offer its new parent company in terms of long-term loyalty and bolstering their current services.

Sure, Google could have invested millions into creating a similar app, but it would have taken a considerable amount of time. And, it certainly wouldn’t come complete with a built in following or an immediate revenue stream.

Complementing our portfolio with strong partnerships

CA followed the same philosophy when we announced the acquisition of three top technology companies:  IdMlogic, Grid-Tools and Rally Software.

With each, we underwent a significant discovery process to determine whether or not these companies would make for a strong partnership and complement our existing portfolio. With the acquisition of IdMlogic, we simplified how our customers address security and compliance initiatives, providing a solution that meets the needs of both IT and the business. Our Grid-Tools acquisition enables us to speed process and development in the app economy. And, Rally Software opens new doors for agile development.

We are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead with the integration of these companies, technologies and expertise, but more importantly, we are excited for the new opportunities that await our partners.

As we integrate these teams and technologies to complement CA’s portfolio of solutions, it is critical that we focus on the end result –not only as it pertains to growing CA’s business, but also in support of our partners – with faster, more profitable avenues that might not have been possible otherwise.

Building muscle

IdMlogic technology helps make CA’s identity and access (IAM) governance offerings easier to use and install, while driving down the cost of ownership with improved efficiencies for faster business growth.

Joining forces with IdMlogic is an amazing example of success for our partners as they were an Innovative Partner of the Year at CA World’14. This illustrates how we worked together to further advance one of CA’s core focus areas (security), while delivering a better user experience.

CA further built onto its own partner ecosystem with the purchase of Grid-Tools, a test data management market leader that expanded our DevOps portfolio with an enhanced focus on quality acceleration.

The testing software that they built to help reduce the time spent searching for bugs and bad code, helps save overhead at the kind of large organizations that we target – major financial institutions, government agencies, telecommunications companies, insurance firms and media companies.

Finally, CA is doubling down on DevOps with the Rally acquisition. Rally, is a leading provider of Agile development software and services, with offers that further bolsters CA’s DevOps and Management Cloud platforms.

Navigating these changes

These additions represent another proof point that we are indeed transforming our partner business and delivering value. During this transition, we will continue to communicate how these technologies and events impact you—to ensure your go to market strategies incorporate new products, solutions and services to better serve our mutual customers.


Alyssa is senior vice president of the Global Partner Organization at CA Technologies. With over…



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