Find DevOps success in 2018 with the “right” executive

Why committed, executive support is imperative to your digital transformation success.

Now that the holidays are over and your focus is on the new year, have you thought about what your number one 2018 New Year’s resolution would be for a successful digital transformation in your organization?

Most of the enterprises that we have worked with all recognize the need for a digital transformation and the benefits that come with a successful implementation but most have not quite figured out what the most important factor is in this journey.

When we asked our contacts what the number one reason that DevOps projects fail or succeed are due to the lack of:

Yet one of the top reasons reported that can determine success or failure comes down to committed, active executive support. Do you have executive support committed for your DevOps project? With it, your project is much more likely to succeed. Without it – not so much.

To ensure success with your 2018 DevOps project what traits should you look for in the “right” executive? Here are a few traits we recommend:

  • Power to reallocate budgets and resources
  • Experience in coaching project managers on ways to handle obstacles
  • Ability to bring together decision makers for quicker conflict resolutions
  • Be the voice for the project to ensure it receives the attention needed from executive level and below


That said, then your 2018 resolution for DevOps is to identify and obtain that executive who will champion your efforts for a successful implementation. What you do not need is a bobblehead that simply nods and says, “go for it” and then gets out of the way. Executives need to be involved from the beginning and buy into the plan 100%. Many of our customers have found success by starting  small with one project and benchmarked its successful plan by metrics encouraging others projects to get on board with DevOps.  DevOps is not to be viewed as a trendy, onetime project with limited timeline and scope but the beginning of a “shift left” culture in your organization to be the norm for all future endeavors. bobbleheads are great on your dashboard but not supporting your DevOps project!






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