Flex your apps muscles with Mobile SDK 1.5 for CA Mobile API Gateway

Introducing support for our developer audience’s most requested functionalities.

The CA Mobile API Gateway (MAG) product team has a mission: to continually push the envelope in creating innovative resources that help developers succeed – while also maintaining the robust security protocols that we’re known for.

That’s why we are pleased to announce the release of a new feature set in Mobile SDK version 1.5 that gets us closer to that vision. This includes support for our developer audience’s most requested functionalities: external API calls, multi-threaded API calls, and a dynamic framework iOS SDK. Let’s dig into each of these new capabilities further.

Strengthening developers with speed and security

Developers can now execute more types of API calls and access a wider range of external data and application functionalities that are hosted in public environments. Version 1.5 offers support for external API calls that don’t originate from the CA Mobile API Gateway; previously calls were limited to applications enrolled in MAG. This allows developers to make secure calls to APIs from external servers, including public servers.

In order to safely support external server API calls, we prioritized enterprise-grade security in our Mobile API Gateway. The new MASSecurityConfiguration allows developers to customize security for API calls through domain name evaluation and server certificates, SSL pinning, and public key hash security protocols. This means developers have access to a wider range of data while maintaining the security of enterprise resources. Read more about the technical capabilities supported in Mobile SDK version 1.5 on our CA for developers site.

Version 1.5 also includes support for multi-threaded API calls. Developers can now carry out parallel API calls simultaneously. Since modern applications require support for complex functionalities, the ability to execute multi-threaded API calls increases the range of features developers can embed in apps – and results in faster and more responsive applications.

Finally, the new release features an iOS dynamic framework SDK, which reduces an app’s memory footprint to hasten launch times and increase efficiency of memory usage once the app is running. In contrast to a static framework, apps built with a dynamic framework SDK have executable files that are smaller in size; this supports complex app functionality while reducing latency and loading delays. For a more in-depth comparison of dynamic framework versus static framework apps, visit CA for developers.

This update makes it easy for developers to create better performing, more feature-rich, highly secure mobile applications that the next generation of mobile consumers demand. Learn more about CA Mobile API Gateway at ca.com/mobileapi.



Charlotte O'Donnelly
Charlotte is a Product Marketing Manager at CA, responsible for the go-to-market strategy for CA…


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