The Foundation for Modernizing Application Architectures

Agility. Automation. Insights. Security. All essential for digital transformation.

Today’s modern software factory ensures your company is ‘built to change,’ and can adapt successfully to the increasing turbulence caused by the rapidly accelerating pace of change.

But there’s a catch – the software world today is generally built on large, monolithic applications – hardly ‘built to change’. These applications generally work well, doing what they were designed to do.

However, they can be cumbersome to maintain, often requiring substantial orchestration – design, programming, Q&A, network, security, and IT teams all must be in sync on any modifications. And, the world doesn’t stand still – the client for those applications when they were built may not be the clients in use today.  Plus, those new clients must have access to legacy apps and data to be productive.

Generally something must give – emulators are used, or new clients have limited functionality, or segments of the monolithic application are rewritten (adding to the maintenance issues mentioned above). Bottom line, monolithic applications limit agility, one of the four cornerstones of the Modern Software Factory.

Agility and microservices are paving the way

Due to the mobile revolution over the last nine years, what has emerged is a migration to an API-centric strategy. This approach makes it far easier to improve agility as new clients or technologies are put in place.

It also allows enterprises to build an ecosystem of partners, improving integration and logistics, and it enables the mobile workforce to be more productive, easily accessing/updating corporate data/services. In other words, API-centric architectures improve agility.

And now, what’s emerging is microservices – replacing monolithic applications with modular applets that are designed to do specific tasks. While the overall functionality may be the same as the monolithic app it replaces, application maintenance overhead is drastically reduced.

It also means new technologies can easily be integrated, and emerging technologies like IoT and the Industrial Internet can become part of the ecosystem. The end result? Microservices architectures creates agility.

So why isn’t this happening quickly? Business response to demands for new apps, integrations, business models, and emerging technologies is slow and inefficient because existing IT infrastructure, coupled with the legacy (monolithic) application model, are obstacles to the rapid and scalable delivery of digital transformation initiatives including mobile, cloud and IoT.

IT recognizes this, and with the solid foundation of the Modern Software Factory now in place, the ability for the enterprise to modernize application architectures is within reach. Full Lifecycle API Management and microservices are the solutions to accomplish this goal.

Connecting the dots with modern architectures

The Full Lifecycle API Management Model provides a complete solution for the application lifecycle, from planning through creation, testing, and securing APIs and microservices through the discovery, consumption, development, and monitoring/management of the applications.

With Full Lifecycle API Management, APIs and microservices can be used to rapidly modernize legacy architectures or create new ones, so you can launch digital initiatives at speed, create new business models, and have the cornerstones of agility, automation, insights, and security built-in. And as new technologies emerge, they can easily be integrated into the lifecycle.

Please join us by registering for our Virtual Summit, Your Journey to Microservices, to learn more about modernizing your application architecture – and where to start. It takes places on July 11th, 2017 at 12pm ET, and features industry luminaries such as:

  • Mike Amundsen, Director, API Architecture, API Academy
  • Jaime Ryan, Director, Product Management and Strategy, CA Technologies
  • Chris Page, Senior Principal Presales Consultant, CA Technologies

Hope to see you there!

Bill Oakes, CISSP, is director for product marketing for API management at CA Technologies. Bill…


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