GDPR compliance starts with identity governance

It’s hard to miss the anticipation around the May 2018 deadline of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Security professionals know that GDPR compliance is a big deal – and the threat of a fine as large as four percent of global annual revenue raises the stakes.

Just about every large multinational company is affected by GDPR, whether as a data controller (defines how and why personal data is processed) or data processor (maintains and processes the data on behalf of the controller), if they deal with the personal data of EU residents. A strong approach to identity and access management (IAM) should be a key part of your preparations.

Why identity matters for compliance

Being GDPR compliant means implementing procedural controls whereby your systems are designed to limit access to personal data on a need-to-know basis. Privacy by design requires organizations to think about privacy from development to deletion, which could also mean that they should ensure control of least privilege.

Companies also need to be able to conduct timely impact assessments, provide attestation of access controls, and remediate excessive access to personal data. And to top it off, you need all of this to come without creating added friction for the business.

Implementing a strong identity governance tool enables you to manage user access to applications and data. But remember that governance over user access needs to be continually monitored to prevent entitlement creep and minimize excessive access. An effective identity governance tool enables the reporting and attestation required to provide proof of compliance and streamlines certification campaigns to help you stay compliant.

Learn more: Webinar

For more information, listen to a recording of our webinar on Preparing for GDPR Compliance and Measuring Governance, where we explore some of the challenging use cases of compliance, like data portability, automating internal certification campaigns, and overseeing data access approval. Listen to the webinar on our website.

Ora Niknamfard is a Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies’ headquarters in New York City.…


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