Get The REAL Inside Scoop From A Local! Sacramento SHARE, CA Technologies…. And Pizza!

Are you attending the SHARE conference in Sacramento?

Are you attending the SHARE conference in Sacramento? Wondering what you will learn, experience… and eat? This year’s event is sure to be a great melding of technology, networking with your peers and food – your typical family reunion! And CA is again partnering with SHARE to make sure you gain technical insight and knowledge to help you become more efficient and productive. You’ll learn how you can achieve both digital business optimization and digital business transformation using the power of the new IBM Z and the Modern Software Factory to establish a system of digital trust.

Here are some “insider highlights” from a local resident (me) and fellow SHARE attendee and contributor:

First, and most important, what is there to see and eat in the local area? Sacramento is the capital of California, a city rich with history, culture, and countless things to impress… including the indispensable staple of any IT guru’s diet: Pizza! There are a number of great places to eat within walking distance. You will NOT be disappointed! I’ll be at CA’s booth #115. Stop by and say hello, and I’ll give you my favorite recommendations (places to see and great restaurants) to make your trip to Sacramento SHARE more enjoyable!

SHARE is highlighting a number of key topics in Sacramento this year including Pervasive Encryption, Machine Learning, AI, Cognitive Analytics, Db2 12, Blockchain, Cloud, DevOps, Docker and more. There is literally something for everyone at this year’s event. Does your mainframe team have knowledge and/or experience gaps? You can expand your technical skills by attending sessions and visiting your favorite vendors in the Expo Center, all while building your professional network. There are hundreds of sessions including hands on labs where you can learn top trends, with immediate application to your workflow. And don’t miss your chance to visit the Expo Hall, where companies will be debuting the latest industry innovations.

CA is a gold sponsor at SHARE, showcasing our suite of mainframe software solutions. This year, we’ll be focusing on how you can better leverage your mainframe to establish digital trust and become a digital enterprise, as well as how to optimize and transform your IT environment to achieve key business objectives. Stop by the CA booth, where you’ll get a sneak peek at new innovations, like Mainframe as a Service and Blockchain, which can put you in the leading edge by transforming the way your company does business.

Attend any or all CA-sponsored sessions to learn more. Double booked or short on time? Then be sure to attend our Lunch n Learn, “Six Best Practices Every Mainframer Should Know” on Tuesday, March 13, 12:30-1:30 or “Mainframe Innovation Speed Round – Machine Learning, Blockchain, MFaaS” on Tuesday, March 13, 1:45-2:45. We’ll be discussing, respectively, best practices for establishing digital trust at massive scale, and the evolution of adaptive expert systems on the mainframe, both of which are integral to successful digital transformation.

What are the hot topics you don’t want to miss? Machine learning is the next big thing for the mainframe, with embedded operational intelligence to help you deliver outstanding customer experiences, improve efficiency and drive down overall IT costs. And mainframe performance and orchestration solutions from CA now take collaboration, automation and operational intelligence to the next level; enabling seamless triage across IT teams and faster problem resolution.

Improving innovation velocity is all about culture, process and tools. CA offers DevOps for mainframe solutions to make that path simpler; your existing CA tools now have the ability to support agile development, continuous testing, continuous delivery and agile operations on mainframe platforms. Get your dev, test and ops teams working together with better visibility than ever before.

Developers!— Spoiler Alert! Looking to integrate mainframe into your DevOps pipeline? Then you need to visit our booth to see our new software solution that bridges the MF / Distributed divide, and makes the mainframe easily accessible and programmable by next-generation developers and DevOps Engineers. You’ll be amazed at what it can do!

Tempus Fugit! The countdown to GDPR compliance is approaching rapidly! There are just a few months to go until the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into full force. With new threats and looming GDPR regulations, there are no days off when it comes to security. And the mainframe is no longer immune–in the digital enterprise the mainframe is interconnected with everything else, with 71% of corporate data residing on mainframes. At SHARE, you’ll learn how to mitigate real risks with leading CA mainframe security solutions, designed to work across the security lifecycle from access control to enterprise data protection and compliance.

Our customers are increasingly delivering modern mainframe experiences with CA software, and the mainframe continues to be a core focus for us, and a top area for technology innovation. Want to know how we keep the platform vibrant and ensure that new workloads, new developers and new mainframers continue to help drive our future? We invite you to check out some of the exciting new initiatives that CA engineers are working on today.

See you at SHARE Sacramento! And don’t forget to stop by Booth #115 for more insider tips!

Stefan is a 37-year IT industry veteran. He is responsible for global marketing for CA…


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