Get run over by a reindeer or adopt continuous delivery

Are you stuck in manual processes with hoof prints on your forehead while the competition runs circles around your app delivery frequency and quality?

Grandma knows the answer to that question as demonstrated in the novelty holiday song “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” She just wasn’t agile enough to get out of the way.

If you’re striving to be an agile organization, then it’s time for you to believe in continuous delivery. And not just believe, but start the New Year with some real actions that will transform your application delivery and your organization.

Digital transformation is not a one-time event. It’s a gradual and substantive change in people, processes and technology that puts the customer first in every design, test and deployment process within the software lifecycle.

Make DevOps a constant state

Transforming people is not necessarily about job roles (although it could be)—it’s mainly about forming one culture, one mindset around continuously (and rapidly) creating and delivering great quality applications. It’s DevOps in practice. Sometimes tools, like release automation, can be a catalyst for that change, but if you aren’t changing mindset and culture, then change may be fleeting.

CA’s DevOps Simulation Experience helps participants step into other software development and delivery roles and understand the benefits of collaboration, better processes and leveraging automation technologies.

Test from the start and continually

You’ve probably also heard about shifting testing left to help weed out bugs and other software issues before production—but what about shifting to the beginning, to the requirements? Quality must be written into software from the requirements-gathering stage in order to achieve a continual cycle of improvement.

Another important aspect of shifting left is being able to simulate unavailable or dependent systems so that applications are more thoroughly tested. You’ll find that service virtualization is key to implementing the continuous delivery model.

And let’s not forget the test data—rigorous data designed to test not only typical use cases but the outliers. To achieve the pace of continuous delivery, the test data needs to be available dynamically and fast.

By testing earlier and more robustly with model-based testing, test data management and service virtualization, you can eliminate defects much earlier in the software lifecycle when it is far easier and cheaper to do so.

Be ready to deploy applications—anytime, anywhere

In a continuous delivery world, keeping software deployable throughout its lifecycle is as important (or more so) than adding new features. You’re continually integrating, building and testing the software—and doing it in production-like environments (thanks to service virtualization!).

The results and efforts of pushing to final production are no longer a surprise. Deploying apps is predictable, less risky and definitely consumes less time, money and people.

Release automation is an essential foundation to help achieve this deployment nirvana. You will be able to deploy any version of the software to any environment on demand—with complete control and transparency of your deployment pipeline.

Continually improve application quality

The beauty of building applications to be testable and deployable, and the automation tools used to achieve that, means that you’ll continually improve the quality of your applications and deliver new, cooler features to market more quickly. No reinventing the wheel. No more being stomped by the competition (or reindeer).

Instead, you’ll be making your customers happy and your business thrive.

So in closing, let’s all hum a few bars of our favorite carols and enjoy this great holiday season…

Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Walking home from our house Christmas Eve

You can say there’s no such thing as Santa Continuous Delivery
But as for me and Grandpa DevOps, we believe

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