Girls, this is why you should work in tech

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked female tech executives at CA why young girls should consider a career in STEM. Here's what they said.

The number one reason? Because you want to. Tech is an opportunity to blend and apply logic, idea generation, puzzle-solving, creativity, leadership and a bit of imagination to solve critical issues. Physicians cure illness, scientists discover galaxies, businesses thrive, children learn, and cars drive themselves. All of this comes in an environment where you are valued for what you can do with your mind. If this is what you want, then tech is for you – no matter who you are.
Diane Norris, Sr Principal Software Engineer

In a STEM job, you can break new ground and change the world! What is your passion? There will be a STEM job there. Opportunities are vast, as STEM talent is in demand in just about every industry.  And statistics show that gender diverse teams are more effective and innovative!
Erin Bank, Advisor, Engineering Program Management

STEM careers result in outcomes that touch everyone’s lives – men and women. Because of this, it is so important to have women in STEM careers, adding a woman’s perspective into the process of shaping those outcomes. If a young woman doesn’t find STEM topics interesting, I would challenge her to learn about how her interests intersect with STEM, and she may find a new career options she didn’t even know about.
Carol Lyn Piccus, Sr Product Manager

Technology is pervasive in our lives now and will be even more so in the future. Technology is not a sector. Technology is the life blood and invisible hand behind all industries, from agriculture, to finance, to government, to healthcare, to military, to telecommunications. If young women want to have equal share of influence and economic power in whatever endeavor they want to pursue in life, they need to be technologically savvy.  The future belongs those who understand how to use and build technology.
Margaret Lee, SVP, Product Management

If you never want to never stop learning; your passion is science, technology, engineering or math; and you love to solve problems to make the world a better place – even just a small part of the world – why not follow your passion?
Marie Daniels, Sr Director, Program Management

STEM fields attract incredible talent. Surrounding yourself with great people helps you grow and learn, and reflects positively on many aspects of your professional and personal life. You don’t even need to be in very technical roles if that doesn’t interest you. STEM is a diverse field that you can bring your individual skills to, and provides many possibilities for you to develop your career in alignment with your interests.
Hadeel Dabbagh, Sr Principal Product Marketing Manager

Heidi is a Communications Director at CA. She leads cross-functional programs responsible for digital publishing…


  • Jim Kokoszynski

    Outstanding… thanks for all the great quotes that I will share with my daughter.

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