Infrastructure Management 

Hardware savings, productivity improvements and case studies – Oh my!

Capacity planning could be the answer to your organization’s IT infrastructure woes and make you look like the hero. Find out what CA Capacity Management can offer your business.

Are your executives demanding IT budget spend reductions without sacrificing the quality of service delivery?

Are you expected to rationalize your infrastructure investments based on the importance of business services?

Are you getting the most “bang” for your buck when it comes to utilization rates of your current infrastructure?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, then capacity planning is a practice you should considering adopting.

Read on to learn how companies in every industry from healthcare to finance to telecom to government have overcome the same IT and business challenges you may be facing by building a successful capacity planning practice with a little help from CA Technologies.

Top 10 reasons to consider CA Capacity Management

The power of CA Capacity Management enables a global 500 beverage company to provide budget and infrastructure configuration answers to proposed business or IT changes and a global 500 bank to scale the solution to tens of thousands of servers. Discover eight other reasons to consider CA Capacity Management.

Become predictive

Ditch the crystal ball and get predictive with highly accurate capacity forecasts for your upcoming business or IT initiatives. A state and local government agency can predict future capacity needs on a data center-wide scale while 25 percent of surveyed CA customers have seen significant cost reductions to their capital and operating expenses while realizing application performance improvements.

ROI is substantial

With the ability to accurately identify consolidation and virtualization candidates, CA Capacity Management helps customers realize significant hardware and software savings as well.

Seventy-eight percent of IT organizations who were surveyed have seen up to a 10 percent reduction in hardware costs while 11 percent of those organizations have been able to reduce 50 percent of their hardware foot print. And the savings don’t stop there – 75 percent have realized up to 50 hours per month in staff productivity improvements.

Customer success stories

Read the full case studies on all the benefits achieve with CA Capacity Management from some of the largest telecoms, banks, distributors and more.

It is possible to predict the future.

You can predict significant cost savings, increased productivity, application performance improvements and guaranteed project success all while meeting the demands of your customers and the business.

It is possible.

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