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Here’s what I hope my bank does with Apple’s WatchKit

When it comes to mobile, businesses need to find new ways of integrating technology into our everyday lives that puts us, the user, at its center.

I find the opportunities and everyday innovations being spurred by mobile technology fascinating. 

While staying innovative, it would be good for the industry to start thinking about the services that mobile devices and applications are offering.

Gone are the days where just having a mobile app or device was enough for your organization’s entire mobile strategy. Now you have to think of it more holistically:

  • How your brand doesn’t just extend to mobile but begins and ends with it.
  • Whether that end point is a device or an application, your mobile strategy should be centered on user experience. Remember the user is king (or queen).

That experience will determine how you stack up to your competitors and, more importantly, how loyal your customers will be to your brand.

What I’d love an Apple Watch to do 

While the initial WatchKit has some limitations, I hope my watch app dreams still come true.

I’d love a watch face with live updates of my portfolio value: my account gives me access to real-time streaming market data. Of course, I only want this face to appear while the market is open. 

I want it to be the default while the market is open and only go away after I’ve looked at the day’s results when the market closes – the watch knows when you’ve glanced at it. It should have a mode to switch between showing me the daily change and the total portfolio value and the ability to default to one or the other automatically.

I’m also dying for useful notifications. Today, I get emails not notifications. The emails are so cluttered with disclosures and branding, and at the same time don’t actually give me any useful information (in order to protect my privacy). 

At my bank, the notifications I’m interested in such as dividends hitting my account also seem to be queued for overnight delivery. So I don’t get them until the day after the event. When it comes to fraud alerts, I have to depend on a third party app not even related with my bank.

The notifications thing is a sensitive topic for me. I really hope the Apple Watch spurs some innovation around secure and actionable notifications.

Finally, I’d enjoy a simple way to get directions to the nearest ATM or branch. Let me open the app, and with one or two taps get directions to the nearest location. 

The watch is doing some nice stuff with directions and “nearest location” is a great way to experiment. It’s an opportunity to deliver a delightful experience, which in turn I would hope has a halo effect on the bank’s brand. Engendering a response along the lines of, “the bank really is trying to make it easier.”

David is VP finan­cial ser­vices solu­tions at CA Tech­nolo­gies. He is an expe­ri­enced tech­nol­o­gist focusing…


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