Your house, both at work and home, requires security

Customers rely on data security and compliance walls to protect and strengthen their house of defense.

Company slogans and brand taglines always fascinate me in the way they evoke instant empathy and emotion if done well. The Under Armour® brand is an example of how a tagline, plus some great star power from NBA athlete Stephen Curry, combine to create feeling and resonance in the mind of the receiver. Their slogan “Protect This House” evokes a clear and compelling connection to doing whatever it takes to protect our house and everything in it.

In the business world, the mainframe is often where the crown jewels of “the house” are kept, such as business-critical data, and where mission essential transactions take place. In November, we were lucky enough to have countless conversations with customers at CA World ’16 to discuss their challenges and best-practices for protecting “the house” of their business.

One customer meeting in particular that stands out was when the customer explained to me why Mainframe Security Management should be viewed in the same light as home security—a topic that I couldn’t help but connect to the “Protect This House” tagline.

Home security and mainframe security. One and the same?

Consider our customer’s businesses being much like our own homes, and that our solutions help them ensure that whomever is allowed into their “home” (through either the front door, the side door, or even through the windows) is someone who should be there. If we allow outsiders in, our solutions need to ensure that these guests only have access to necessary rooms and the contents within those rooms. It’s our job to keep the bad actors out, even if they seem like good actors knocking at the door.

Inside our home, we keep mission essential records and valuables in a safe place. The job as the homeowner is to establish security measures and mitigation plans prior to letting anyone in, should those records or valuables be compromised. And it’s essential to guarantee that everyone inside the home is aware of the security policies and that we adhere to those policies.

As parents, do we want our children to see our sensitive financial information, or perhaps wearing our finest jewelry? Maybe depending on their ages, but maybe not. Under what conditions should they, and others, have access to our most sensitive, most prized assets?

Reinforcing the data security and compliance walls of defense

Our homes store the majority of our possessions, and mainframes are the counterparts for our businesses, which continue to house over seventy percent of the world’s most mission-essential corporate data. At CA, we are always optimizing ways to secure these assets like customers would secure their own homes, which is why we announced new data-centric solutions and releases of CA Data Content Discovery and CA Compliance Event Manager at this year’s CA World.

CA Compliance Event Manager, the newest addition to our portfolio, is built around the alert, inspect, and protect model:

  • Alert: Customers gain real-time alerting and critical insight about the potential and magnitude of data exposure on the mainframe.
  • Inspect: Through advanced auditing and forensics capabilities, you gain deeper insight into compliance issues, leading to an improved risk posture.
  • Protect: The real-time alerting and advanced reporting allows you to find where sensitive data is located, when it moves and who has access to it, to stay in control and reduce risk.


When CA Compliance Event Manager and CA Data Content Discovery are integrated together, these industry first solutions enable customers to find and classify data at rest, and in motion, as well as alert and inspect potential security breaches in real-time, all running 100 percent on the mainframe to reduce the risk of off-boarding sensitive data.

Mirror your mainframe security and home security

It’s an interesting perspective that security solutions should mirror how we “protect our house”, but it’s also one that’s true. You need to secure your external walls from unwanted visitors (that’s CA ACF2, CA Top Secret, Advanced Authentication Mainframe, CA Cleanup, and CA Auditor) and assure guest’s compliance once inside (that’s where CA Data Content Discovery and CA Compliance Event Manager come in). It takes a “Protect This House” team approach.

If you missed this year’s CA World, please view the security and compliance highlights and our newest eBook. And please be sure to share how you plan to protect your house in the comments below.


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