How AI, machine learning and analytics are reshaping the future of IT Operations

Insights from 100+ IT Operations professionals.

In today’s economy where every business is in the software business, downtime is costly, and slow is the new down. Proactively managing and improving experience of modern applications, cloud or traditional infrastructures and networks is a necessity but it’s not easy. AI machine learning is influencing and shaping the future of IT operations. By using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence we can increase and improve various IT and business operations tools and improve user experience. How can AIOps address key IT monitoring challenges that IT professionals face today?

Recently, we conducted a survey of more than 100 IT professionals on AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations), machine learning and analytics in conjunction with TechValidate. Through this survey, we have gained a clear picture of the challenges our customers are faced with and what they hope to gain from leveraging these technologies moving forward.

Let’s recap some of our findings:

Alert noise is our customers’ #1 pain point

Of those surveyed, over 70% identified alert correlation and proactive issue detection as the two biggest challenges they face.

90% of customers receive more than 10,000 alerts per month and 72% are currently using up to 9 IT monitoring tools.

AIOps can help reduce the noise

AIOps can help reduce the impact of these issues, with a reduction in downtime, IT monitoring tool sprawl, and time spent by IT professionals analyzing alerts.

According to our survey results, predictive analytics is the most desired AIOps capability with faster remediation being the number one perceived benefit of AIOps.

Predictive analytics reduces alert noise = faster remediation

The future of AI Ops is bright and one that can eliminate several hurdles teams are currently facing. AIOps can help drive faster root cause analysis, identify and predict capacity bottlenecks and easily predict issues earlier with smarter alarms. Our customers agree:

 “AIOps means fewer mistakes and less downtime” – Technical Specialist Manager, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company TechValidate, TVID: 7A6-276-1C5

 “We’re going through a phase of simplification, automation, and cost-cutting; AIOps helps with all three” – Director IT, Large Enterprise Insurance company TechValidate TVID: C96-95A-B29

AIOps also enables a move away from siloed operations management and provides intelligent insights that drive automation and collaboration for continuous improvement and faster IT Operations.

“AIOps will reduce false positives, build alert correlation and help in identifying root cause without having our tech going to multiple tools.” – Arnab Mukhopadhyay, ITSM Professional, Florida Department of Transportation TechValidate TVID: 039-5C4-D7A

Interested in more survey results? Check out our results here (divided amongst CA customers and IT professionals):

CA Customers Applaud the Future of AIOps

IT Professionals Share Insights on AIOps

If you want to learn more about how AI, machine learning and analytics are reshaping the future of IT Ops, be sure to register and attend our AIOps Virtual Summit on June 20th, where you’ll hear from industry experts from some of the world’s top companies on how they are leveraging these technologies to reduce operational complexity. .


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