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How millennials are changing the banking industry

Why app analytics is essential to mobile banking.

If you can’t remember the last time you stepped foot in an actual bank – you’re not alone.

For many reasons, mobile banking is rapidly growing and becoming an important factor to consumers, millennials especially, when it comes to choosing a bank. In fact, today there are more people banking through mobile apps than at a local branch. Since 2010 the number of people banking through mobile devices doubled, and tablet banking grew nearly tenfold.

Banking is an industry that has always depended on great customer service but now that people are less likely to physically visit a bank, what does great customer service mean for bankers today? The answer is a great mobile app!

Delivering an exceptional mobile experience

For many banks today, their mobile application has become a key competitive differentiator. As the number of mobile users continues on an upward trend, banks will look to give customers a rich omnichannel experience across all devices, from traditional PCs and smartphones to wearables.

Users need to sense the same look and feel across every device they are using, and on top of that each app must perform the necessary functions quickly and efficiently. If the application is buggy or cannot deliver what customers need, they will go somewhere else. Quickly.

How to deliver a five-star application

A few years ago you probably wouldn’t have imagined selecting a bank based on its app store rating, but believe it or not, that is now an important factor for many.

To achieve a five-star rating and keep customers happy, banks must be able to eliminate app crashes and buffering wheels, as well as provide a seamless user experience from one device to the next. This can only be done by utilizing a mobile analytics solution.

Mobile app analytics allow you to gain insight into user experience, and see first-hand what customers are experiencing. Sure, you can’t physically stand over someone’s shoulder every time they use an app to see what went wrong, but mobile app analytics are the next best thing!

With these tools not only is app quality improved, but customer experience is as well. And at the end of the day, exceptional customer experience is more critical to success than ever.

Mobile is the future of your business. How do you stand up against the competition?

Ashley George is an associate product marketing manager at CA Technologies, focusing on Application Performance…


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