How to improve the health and life of your DB2 management

People constantly seek ways to to better their day-to-day lives by improving their health. Find out how the same approach applies to DB2 management.

We’ve all seen them: ads that promote programs or goods to help improve your life, selling everything from super foods, to exercise equipment and even fashion. The concept is simple: improve your health and you think clearer, perform better and look great.

So how come you’re not doing the same for your DB2® for z/OS® (DB2) environment? Now, this may sound strange, but think about it:

  • In life, you lose weight, you improve performance; in DB2-speak, losing “wait” improves database, system and app performance
  • If you look better in your clothes you feel better about yourself; in DB2-speak, viewing DB2 holistically can improve the IT user experience
  • In the real world, people will compliment your positive outlook; in the datacenter, your customers will be delighted with your improved service delivery.


In my earlier blog post, I mentioned my preference for a holistic approach to overall DB2 database management: DBAs must possess the experience, knowledge and tools designed to ensure optimal database and SQL performance, providing efficient administration and reliable backup and recovery of DB2 databases, systems and apps. This cannot be accomplished without thoughtful planning and execution of an action-oriented goal to remove complexity.

Get ready, set…wait?

How aware are you of your DB2 environment? If like many, you find that it’s too complex, you need to ask: where do you start to improve? The standard DB2 answer is: it depends. Think for a minute about the challenges you are facing. Perhaps it could be:

  • Struggling to ensure 24/7/365 availability of increasing numbers of apps and services
  • Applying more resources to manage, administer and optimize databases
  • Relying on manual processes and having difficulty identifying performance bottlenecks
  • Facing a growing talent shortage as retirement reduces the pool of technically skilled workers.


But what if your data management approach could be effectively simplified to deliver the level of support and innovation that’s now expected of your organization?

You’d be able to:

  • Optimize database resources to meet the needs of your changing business environment
  • Maintain high availability, improve the user experience and minimize outages
  • Deliver on service level agreements (SLA) of mission-critical business applications and make customers happy
  • Increase staff productivity so they become more effective and take less time to accomplish more.


Better than a gym membership

Physical trainers are devoted to drive their customers to higher levels of fitness. DBAs are devoted to driving higher levels of performance from their databases, systems and apps. Your staff can function as IT fitness coaches when they have the automated capabilities to:

  • Capture performance metrics and employ drill-down capabilities to identify the root cause of performance problems
  • Proactively detect and correct problems with tool-assisted guidance before they cause service or compliance issues. This is especially critical during application development, when any unintentional errors introduced in the process could end up being built into other applications going forward
  • Manage and adjust cross-enterprise database performance more efficiently within an easy-to-use workspace.

This ability to continuously monitor and rapidly address performance issues is what your IT team needs to avoid downtime and deliver 24×7 data and application availability.

Don’t delay, start today

Just like your New Year’s resolution to commit to improving your health, the same is true for simplifying DB2 management: get started, and don’t procrastinate.

If you need guidance with exactly where to start, we at CA can help. We would like to offer you a no-cost, no-obligation on-site assessment that could help improve your user experience, improve performance, empower staff skills, create business value and so much more.

The Database Management solutions from CA Technologies provide DB2 performance management, database administration, and database backup and recovery using innovative technology that helps you proactively manage DB2 for z/OS environments and enhance the overall business value provided by your DB2 applications.

To learn more about our DB2 capabilities, visit:

We also enjoy a robust community of DBA professionals just like yourself. Here, anyone can learn more, collaborate with peers and colleagues, and communicate directly with DB2 management experts.

Get involved, and join our Community for Database Management for DB2 and IMS!

Stefan is a 37-year IT industry veteran. He is responsible for global marketing for CA…



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