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How to stop dodging drones in your data center

There’s an easier way to get a 360-degree view of your data center.

How are you monitoring the capacity and power consumption of thousands of different data center components? Are you ready to launch a drone to help you get a view of your data center like Kip? How would you like to aggregate, normalize and visualize your operational data in real-time?

With the average organization using dozens of different tools to manage their data center operations, integration is a major consideration for any DCIM implementation. When implemented effectively, DCIM can deliver value – and deliver it quickly.

DCIM does that?

DCIM not only enables improved operations, greater agility, and lower risk, but also can rapidly accelerate such tasks as data collection and routine calculations and analysis. With the right DCIM solution in place, you can streamline the collection data from highly diverse devices and systems using SNMP or other protocols such as BACnet or Modbus and easily track assets within the data center and provide powerful 3D visualizations to truly achieve a 360-degree view of your data center.

Seeing is believing

Here are a few real life examples of how our customers have improved their data center visibility:

  • Datotel CEO David Brown said: “To maximize efficiency and uptime, we need a solution that enables us to manage multiple environments through a single application. “With CA DCIM, we can stay ahead of the game and meet customers’ needs as they embrace the application economy.” 
  • RagingWire SVP and CTO William Dougherty commented: “We can identify and resolve problems a lot faster with CA DCIM.” “If we get an alert at 2am about a failed power circuit, we don’t have to spend time searching the data center to find it – we just look at the 3D map in CA DCIM and know exactly where to go to fix the problem.”
  • An IT manager at a large enterprise financial services company said: “CA DCIM filled an empty space in which Infrastructure teams where using different solutions in order to manage their data centers. “Now, with DCIM, there is a single pane of glass for them to build, monitor and analyze power and cooling in a well-structured way, which enables us to be more aligned to corporate sustainability policy.” 


Partner up

To unlock benefits like these, you need to ensure that you establish the right integrations and configurations at the outset of your DCIM implementation and safeguard ongoing scalability and performance.

Working with an experienced DCIM partner will help you realize the full value of DCIM and prevent you from having to reinvent the implementation wheel. By taking the time to get DCIM right today, you can ditch the drone and achieve a 360-degree view of your data center.

What other challenges do you need to overcome in terms of your IT and data center infrastructure management?

Take a look at this entertaining CA-sponsored comic series in which Kip & Gary highlight some of the challenges IT and facilities teams face every day. Which one’s your favorite?

Cast your vote. Have they convinced you to redefine your infrastructure management approach?

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