It’s all about the data

How to thrive (and survive) in a rapidly evolving business environment.

The technology landscape is evolving faster than you can say “digital transformation”, and it is more important than ever to embrace change and adapt IT systems for better business outcomes. To do this, it is imperative that companies deliver innovations rapidly, utilizing design-led, experience-focused and customer-centric insights to execute.

This week at CA’s Annual Built to Change Summit, we are showcasing a few technologies that bolster the ability for customers to utilize data, and be “built to change” in the shifting technology landscape.

The utilization of data, and its responsible use, is paramount to the success of any modern business. It allows you to have a deeper understanding of customers, how they are using specific products, and how you can quickly adapt products to meet their needs. To do this, CA has integrated powerful advanced analytics and data science into the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC), enabling customers to compete and win.

A few product areas experiencing this firsthand are:


  • CA Digital Operational Intelligence – Powered by CA Jarvis, this product embeds operational intelligence for end-to-end visibility into existing monitoring tool workflows to maximize existing IT investments. It brings together machine learning and advanced analytics for cross-domain contextual intelligence.
  • CA Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) 15.4 – Now has a strategic planning capability with the market’s first roadmapping module for top-down visual planning and collaboration. The CA PPM roadmap feature serves as a communication vehicle so that users can easily view, pivot and sort investment information, including how those proposals will impact or complement current investments. It delivers actionable business intelligence and enabling extensive modeling and forecasting capabilities, organizations can make data-driven business decisions.


The successful use of data is challenging, which is why agile and DevOps practices are crucial components to have in place. This is being addressed through the latest update to the CA Automic One Automation Platform.

Additionally, while looking to modernize enterprise architectures we’ve announced CA Brightside, a solution that brings a DevOps-like experience to mainframe environments. CA Brightside will be first available on IBM zCloud. You can read more about this intriguing partnership with IBM here.

The time is now for organizations to take the utilization of data to the next level, and optimize the use of it to increase their business value and bottom line. Through data and analytics, companies can deliver top-level customer experiences that cannot be beat, putting them in a winning position.


Ayman Sayed
Ayman is president and chief product officer at CA, responsible for the strategy and development…


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