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Infrastructure Management Community Update for October 2013

Welcome to the October 2013 edition of the IM Community update.

Welcome to the October 2013 edition of the IM Community update. These updates include a summary of the topics we discuss during our monthly board meetings which take place every 2nd Wednesday of the month with the Product Managers for the IM products and other CA employees relevant for our community.

The community board consists of 6 volunteers as customer representatives with different IM products in use, geographical location and type of company. You can find all the board members listed on the “About Us” page. The board is supported by a Community Manager from CA, in our case Mary Greening, who helps us track down the right people to talk to for the topics we want to discuss and sets up the webcasts for us.

Our webcasts schedule is for every 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Currently planned webcasts are:

      * November 19 – Kiran Diwakar: Spectrum update


    * December 17 – Ken Adamson – Nimsoft update

MyCA upgrade
Around the end of this month, the MyCA platform will be upgraded to a new version. One of the biggest improvements will be a new platform for the Ideas section. It will now be based on the message board functionality, which means it will be easier to access and it will also be possible to subscribe to get notifications for new posts and updates. The upgrade will also include changes to the regional communities, integrating them further with the global communities. There will be an online demo of the new platform on October 17. More information can be found in the MyCA Feedback Community.

Enhancement Requests
The enhancement request process is a returning topic on our agenda. Last month we’ve had a meeting with Product Management to discuss how we can improve the feedback to the community. We expect that the new MyCA platform will provide a big improvement in getting the feedback to the community members, but CA will also discuss internally what they can do to provide more insight into the process and decisions around product development.

MyCA IM missions and badges
We have previously mentioned a design competition for new mission badges in MyCA and that we are evaluating the current mission requirements. Although this is still on our agenda, it is currently on hold because of the limited amount of time all of the board members currently have available.

Vendor Certification Library
People have been requesting a location where they can share their custom metric families for IM 2.0 to build a community repository. The IM 2.0 team is looking into various possibilities for this, but in the mean time everyone is free to use the existing document library under Community Documents to post any scripts, tools or metric families they want to share. The IM team is also looking at other content that could be posted there for IM 2.0 as well as the other products from the IM group.

Linux and virtualization support policies
We have noticed that many people are not aware that CA has an official support policy on support for RedHat like linux systems and for virtualization. Even though these platforms are often not listed in the release notes as supported, the support policy explains that they can be used and will be supported under certain conditions. The support policies can be found in the Recommended Reading section on the various product pages on the CA Support site. A post on this topic with a description on how to find these documents is also posted in the CA Infrastructure Management section of the message board.

Community Surveys
To try and get a better understanding of the main concerns within the community to get some feedback and input on the topics we discuss in our meetings with CA, we have started to do small monthly community surveys. The first survey is still available here and focuses on getting more information on the type of members in the community and the products they use. Even though the results have already been collected to present in the October webcast, we would still appreciate if you can take a minute to answer the questions. The October survey is now also available here and has a few questions about webcast topics and satisfaction with support.

If you have feedback or input based on the information shared here, please post to this thread of feel free to contact us directly using the contact form on the “About Us” page.

Michiel Helder
IM Community President


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