The surprising thing Fortune 500 companies are doing to stay on top

And how they're outpacing their competitors

You don’t become a Fortune 500 company without doing a lot of things right. But with success, often comes competition. How do the most successful companies outpace their competitors and stay on top? They operate faster, more efficiently and more productively. They cut unnecessary costs while surpassing the previous quarter’s results. And they tackle the lowest hanging fruit first.

Enter meetings. The business function everyone loves to hate but no one is willing to fix. In large companies, meetings account for 25%-35% of all employee time, and much of that time is wasted or ineffective.

“…bad meetings seem to fly under the radar of executive leadership teams even though they drive up costs and kill productivity across organizations.”

Until now. Enter Instant Agenda, the game-changing software that lets anyone run focused, collaborative and engaged meetings.

The number of Instant Agenda users in Fortune 500 customers continues to grow, signaling that these groups are (finally) tackling this problem head-on. Surprised?

We like to think that everyone knows how to run (and attend) meetings. But running meetings is a skill very few are taught. To meet and collaborate well require disciplined execution. Although what you need to do to solve this problem is fairly well established (there are blogs, articles, courses and books), most people just aren’t doing it. Reasons why not range from “that’s not my job” to lack of skill and/or time to devote to good meeting execution.

Instant Agenda is purpose-built to solve these problems. It’s able to automate what a skilled meeting facilitator does in an effective meeting. It supports leaders and teams trying to run better meetings by giving them all the tools they need to make meetings productive, efficient and engaging.

No need to waste thousands of dollars in training no one will put to use or hire an expensive consultant. Just straightforward, easy-to-use software that gets your whole organization meeting and executing in a better way.

Start 2018 off on the right foot, by turning your meetings into hyper-effective productivity sessions.

Janet Krajco is the Marketing Lead of Instant Agenda, a CA Accelerator incubation. Instant Agenda…


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