Intelligent automation for the Modern Software Factory

Major new automation capabilities have been introduced with CA Automic V12.1 to help you cope with an ever-changing digital landscape.

In the digital era, users expect constant innovation. At CA Technologies, that’s what we aim to deliver. As such, I wanted to explain the impact our latest release, CA Automic v12.1, will have on your Modern Software Factory (MSF).

Version 12.1 has two major themes: Intelligent automation and the Modern Software Factory. On our CA Automic blog, we’ve covered intelligent automation in depth. Here, I wanted to explain how our automation capabilities have been further enhanced to provide the backbone of your MSF, and enable incredible new ways of delivering improved customer experiences quickly, efficiently and securely – from rapidly deploying innovative new mobile apps, to driving revenue growth from automated social outreach programs:

Creating an agile business

Agility is about being quick, moving fast and beating your competitor to market. The challenge we hear from your colleagues is how to free up the resources and budget to drive innovation – the answer is to automate every operational process and become a fully automated agile enterprise. CA Automic V12.1 gives your Operational teams a powerful unified, open and scalable automation platform to do just this – from automating any business process, to automating your entire DevOps toolchain, and orchestrating your hybrid-cloud business processes. Now is the time to move from ITOps to AgileOps and embrace automation centers of excellence to drive your digital transformation.

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Discover how v12.1 helps you create an agile business.

Build Better Apps, Faster

The CA Automic portfolio empowers your DevOps initiatives by automating within, and across, the entire DevOps toolchain. Version 12.1 further enhances this by introducing new shift-left capabilities and integrating with other CA solutions such as CA Test Data Manager, CA Service Virtualization and CA Continuous Delivery Director. Now Operations can give your development teams self-service provisioning of Dev or Test environments – at the click of a button. Through powerful new environment provisioning, DevOps teams can deploy Dev, Test, QA or Prod environments across any combination of Amazon AWS, VMWare or Azure. We’ve also brought exciting new agile capabilities to your mainframe world through our new ZOS agent.

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Make Security a Competitive Advantage

Security and compliance are crucial to the application economy, and forefront within our automation portfolio. Centralized audit, encrypted communications, secure login and role-based security are just a few of the CA Automic One Automation Platform’s key features. These are enhanced in v12.1 with further integration to our CA security portfolio. Now, you can automatically secure CD pipelines, enable DevSecOps, and automate the provisioning and maintenance of secure test data.

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Maximize Application Performance

IT has always aspired to deliver high performing, constantly running business applications. As failing apps have impacted customer satisfaction, it’s fair to suggest IT has fallen short of this goal. With the release of CA Automic v12.1, this is about to change with new automated remediation. Operational teams can monitor transaction performance with CA’s Application Performance Management solution and now automatically remediate any discovered issues – whether that be provisioning new storage, adding processing power into a live cluster or even rolling-back that new application when you discover issues affecting the user experience.

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Discover how v12.1 helps you to maximize application performance

As your digital transformation journey progresses, you’re bound to encounter many challenges. While keeping up with the ever-evolving IT landscape is tricky, it’s also incredibly exciting! We believe CA Automic v12.1 is equipped with all the tools to help you overcome the hurdles of both today and tomorrow, so please let us know your thoughts on the new features. Now is the time to embrace automation and transform your Operational teams into the AgileOps powerhouse of your business.

Dr. Chris Boorman is the both the CA Vice President of Marketing for EMEA and…


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