Intelligent IT: New business opportunities through AI

In his CA World keynote, CA’s President and Chief Product Officer Ayman Sayed talked about how AI can be incorporated in existing IT investments.

Sayed’s keynote focused on how businesses can make IT work harder and smarter for them in solving complex business problems with technology that leverages advanced analytics and machine learning. He talked about Artificial Intelligence (AI), a concept that has been around for decades and that is now gaining greater adoption as a valuable business asset across multiple industries.

“By integrating AI into each facet of the product portfolio, we’re making software smarter. Organizations can now correlate data for greater insights to pivot quickly and respond to the unique needs of their customers,” Sayed said.

Regardless of how intelligence is used in each organization, investing in smarter technologies should be part of a larger business strategy, so that businesses have the ability to better understand situations, assess the impact and make decisions almost immediately.

4 principles of the Modern Software Factory

Sayed outlined the four principles of the Modern Software Factory and explained how each of them integrates intelligence to quickly address customer needs:

  1. Respond to changes quickly through business agility
    Business agility helps organizations dynamically respond to changes in the technology and business landscapes. By utilizing machine learning, organizations can become more agile, taking the learnings gained to predict what’s next, and anticipating and meeting customer and market needs before they’re requested.


  1. Move faster with efficiency using intelligent automation
    To achieve agility and speed, organizations need intelligent automation. Not only does this include automation of development, testing and release of software applications but also the automation of business processes and the ability to achieve repeatable and precise business outcomes. Modern software factories that leverage automation are able to optimize and speed up how they go to market and operate their business.


  1. Improve the customer experience through experience insights
    Experience insights leverage company data and apply advanced analytics to give businesses the knowledge to continually improve how customers are experiencing their goods and services. These insights can be used to react, respond, and make every customer experience better.


  1. Anticipate and mitigate risk with end to end security
    End to end security is moving security from being a risk and exposure to being a competitive advantage. Rather than reacting to a security breach, organizations can proactively respond through identifying patterns and anticipating exposures and mitigating risk before it becomes an issue.


According to Sayed, companies that leverage AI, machine learning and predictive analytics throughout their Modern Software Factory will come out on top. These tools will help them understand how their customers are operating, what they need and how they can quickly respond.

New releases for the Modern Software Factory

At CA World, CA Technologies announced over twenty new offerings and enhancements that bring the Modern Software to life. Here are some examples:


  • The new CA Microgateway modernizes monolithic application architectures with a lightweight, modular services approach in order to build applications securely. Companies can deploy microservices in minutes across development efforts, with ready-to-use security, service discovery at scale and intelligent traffic management to support mobile apps and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.


  • The new CA BlazeMeter API Test brings automated continuous testing of APIs in the development process. It is the only API testing solution that automatically generates and executes hundreds of functional API tests in the time it takes to manually create one, and also provides intelligence with drill-down reporting and trending to support agile development in every modern software factory.


  • For additional support across DevOps toolsets, CA Continuous Delivery Director SaaS helps companies adopt “shift-left” testing—integrating security throughout the software development lifecycle.



  • With the updated CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence, organizations can integrate machine learning to detect problems earlier, pinpoint the exact root cause quickly and resolve the problem faster before it impacts or causes a service outage.


  • The new CA Digital Experience Insights is a SaaS-based digital experience monitoring and analytics solution. It applies advanced analytics for cross-tier, correlated insights and guided problem resolution, which resulted in a more than 50-70 percent improvement in customers’ digital experience.


To learn more about how CA is powering our customers’ modern software factories, check out the CA World Newsroom and let us know what you think in the comments below.



Heidi is a Communications Director at CA. She leads cross-functional programs responsible for digital publishing…


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