Introducing the DevOps Experience

Interested in a totally new experience? Attend the DevOps Experience Virtual Summit.

When we first started organizing this DevOps summit, we all had different visions of what we thought people would want to see and what they would be most interested in attending and participating. On one hand, some of us wanted a “live” event, while some of us a webinar.  Some wanted more of practitioners view while others wanted the line of business perspective. Everyone had different opinions but we all agreed on one thing – it had to be strictly DevOps and it had to be an exciting, learning experience.

Introducing the DevOps Experience. Focused on real world implementations and cultural transformation, this informative and unique summit will provide a compelling experience — from the comfort of your favorite chair! Register now for the DevOps Experience Virtual Summit.

In this first immersive conference, you will connect with seasoned DevOps professionals and gain actionable insights about transforming business culture.

Some of the Spotlight Sessions include:

  • Interested in learning more about enhancing your IT productivity? Gene Kim and Dr. Nicole Forsgren of DORA, will break down the new Accelerate State of DevOps report during their keynote session at the first ever #DevOpsExperience. You don’t want to miss it.
  • Powerful women. Extraordinary ideas. Get insights from this impressive “Women in DevOps” panel from six leaders who have made their mark, share the lessons they have learned, and learn how they are taking DevOps to new heights.
  • Security is the theme this year and the number one topic you want to get on board with now. Tap into the current conversation on DevSecOps by joining an esteemed panel of DevSecOps experts. These security and DevOps veterans look at the issues from all sides and offer-up their advice on what you can do to move the needle at your organization, regardless of whether you are on the security team, the DevOps team or executive team.

The sessions feature leading names in the industry and are aimed at those who are really involved or want to be in DevOps and digital transformation and focused on the today’s most pertinent DevOps topics including automation, mainframe, continuous testing, continuous development, security, AIOps, and agile management. If you are interested in learning more about DevOps from the brightest minds in the industry be sure to check out the agenda for this unprecedented event.

Do not worry, there is still time to register for the DevOps Experience. Be a part of this true virtual conference, replete with actual theaters to view the keynote, panels, and presentations, a conference lobby to chat and socialize, and a real virtual trade show floor with exhibitor booths equipped with video, content, and subject matter experts to answer your questions.

Please take a moment to check out the agenda, learn more and register to attend. We look forward to seeing you!


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