IoT’s tipping point?

When application developers love it.

You know it’s a big event when there’s a run on hotel rooms.  Last month, IoT World packed 12,000 people into the Santa Clara Convention Center to exchange thoughts and ideas regarding the latest in the field of IoT.  Lots of people.  Lots of thoughts.

IoT’s place in the Enterprise

In a recent survey of enterprise developers conducted by CA Technologies, 63% identified IoT as one of the most important technology trends for their company over the next two years.  Along with AI/ML, IoT far outdistanced all other technologies by a wide margin, demonstrating the importance the corporate world is placing on its strategic value.

It’s no coincidence that AI/ML and IoT are tracking together.  AI/ML is creating exciting business opportunities based on the value inherent in IoT data.  Due to the volume, variety and velocity, the 4th V – value – can only be realized with some level of intelligence.

But is IoT ready for application developers who are not IoT specialists?  Have we removed the barriers they face in realizing this value?

The Journey

IoT has come a long way since my first involvement in 2004.  In those days, “M2M” was like an impossible jigsaw puzzle with protocols, chips, sensors, integrators and comms providers coming in all shapes and sizes. None seemed to match.

There has been much progress since then, with robust platforms now available and a growing list of IoT success stories providing a roadmap. But make no mistake, there’s still a lot of work to be done to enable those at the top of the stack, the enterprise developers.

IoT World ’18

Many attendees were delighted to see CA Technologies participating in the event – a sign that IoT is maturing – and they asked about our role in the ecosystem.  We, as an industry, need to reduce the complexity of building IoT-enabled apps.  Rather, we need to make IoT data as easy as to access as any other data source. To that end, we showcased CA Live API Creator, a low-code API tool, and, a CA Accelerator incubation that’s providing IoT device data simulation.  Both tools help application developers tap into the richness IoT data offers without having to become IoT experts.


When will we see a tipping point?  When IoT becomes a natural and seamless part of application development, and not a laborious undertaking requiring device and integration expertise.  Allowing devs to apply their creativity to the data to produce amazing app experiences creates demand for more IoT solutions.

Only then we can move from the current isolated success stories – the high value but high cost use cases – to mass adoption at scale.  In our terminology, the tipping point will occur when IoT is a seamless part of the Modern Software Factory.


And a quick tip for IoT World ’19: book your hotel room early.

David McNierney
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