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Following last week's announcement, CA is continuing the tradition of “Day 1 support” for IBM mainframe hardware and software with the z13.

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Last week, IBM announced the next generation mainframe system, the IBM z13. The new z Systems machine is the culmination of a $1 billion investment over five years of research and development. I could wax poetic about the improved speeds and feeds and other “gee whiz” facts about the new machine (and the list is substantial), but that’s better done by IBM themselves.

CA Technologies has not been standing still. We understand our position in the market places special responsibility on CA Technologies and our products. We are proud to continue the tradition of “Day 1 support” for IBM mainframe hardware and software with the z13.

We continue to manage the balancing act of delivering innovative products and releases across the portfolio with the rapid advances of technology supporting the application economy. Our solutions enable organizations to tie users to applications, and tie those applications to data, all while managing their systems and securing their data. Our clients expect us to be able to help them move rapidly through application cycles and get things up and running quickly so they can deliver value to their customers faster.

As you would expect, our preparation for z13 has been substantial, involving hundreds of products and features in a multiplicity of configurations, including different combinations of hardware, operating systems, subsystems and security products. We have been working behind the scenes with IBM and early z13 customers to ensure that our solutions not only tolerate the new hardware, but continue to provide increased value to our customers. This testing goes on for weeks at both CA and IBM facilities. We feel this level of scrutiny on our products is important to ensure that we deliver the optimal customer experience on day 1.

To see where we stand, have a look at this short video that IBM produced with myself and CA Technologies general manager of mainframe Mike Madden.

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