Be a “know-it-all” at this year’s CA World

With a 100 percent increase in education, there’s no excuse to not be able to “one-up” your co-workers at this year’s CA World.

No one likes a “know-it-all” but secretly we all want to be one (admit it…). So now here’s your chance at this year’s CA World. We’ve re-introduced our pre-conference education sessions, bumping them up with 100 percent more content from last year.

You’ve asked, we’ve listened

In previous years, CA held its pre-conference sessions on Monday and Tuesday before the conference officially kicked off. It was then taken it down to just half a day before bringing it back up to a full day last year.

So many sessions, so little time

This year, we’re offering you more than 600 business, technical and best practice sessions to choose from, enabling you to tailor your learning to your interests and business needs. Choose from content areas, including agile management, agile operations, continuous delivery, API management and app development, mainframe and workload automation and security.

In addition to the pre-conference sessions, users can sign up to take a self-training guided session (hands-on lab) at a computer, which they can put on hold and come back to at a later date.

Other types of session include panel, partner and tech talks.

There’s also the CA Agile Academy and Agile Certification Courses. We’ve already sold out of Certified Scrum Master and Leading SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), but there are still opportunities to sign up for Certified Product Owner and, of course, CA Agile Bootcamp, which is free of charge.

At the boot camp, you’ll be immersed in an interactive agile world where you and your fellow boot-campers will learn and experience some of the basic tenants of Agile thinking, how you can use these techniques to do more, faster and with better results.

To map out your CA World education experience, get started and plan your personal agenda. Pre-conference education and hands-on labs have limited seating. Sign-up now to reserve your seat using the Agenda Builder.

For a more detailed overview, view the session catalog.

You can sign up for the paid courses during the registration process.

Need more reasons to sign up for CA World? Read more about it in a previous blog post.

We hope to see you there – you know-it-all, you…

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