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Leveraging Microservices to Reduce Complexity and Deliver an Optimal Customer Experience

Learn how to reduce complexity and understand the impact of change when monitoring applications with microservices architectures in an omnichannel world.

Besides just being another marketing “buzzword,” omnichannel is a reflection of the choice that consumers have in how they engage a brand. Initial brand engagement could be via a desktop, mobile device, watch, on the phone, or in a store. From the business perspective, this trend can generate increased customer satisfaction and brand stickiness. However, from the IT perspective, omnichannel delivery adds performance and availability risks to the already challenging task of managing complex application ecosystems.

Enter microservices. This software architecture is the industry’s latest answer to providing customers with a seamless, high quality omnichannel experience. Thirty percent of companies are already delivering software via microservices, and 75% see them as being “very important” or “critical” to the future of their business according to EMA Research.

With this proliferation of platforms and devices in the omnichannel world, understanding the customer experience becomes more difficult. Highly interconnected and interactive, microservices architectures require a new level of customer centricity to alleviate complexity, reduce support costs, and ensure a high quality end user experience.

Join experts from leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and CA Technologies on Wednesday, January 27 at noon ET, as they discuss the new challenges IT will encounter in deploying, monitoring, and managing microservices in omnichannel environments. During the webinar you will learn how you can reduce complexity and understand the impact of change when monitoring applications using microservices architectures, and how you can monitor your entire omnichannel stack with a single application performance management (APM) solution.

When you register for the webinar you will also receive a complimentary copy of the EMA white paper “Omnichannel, Microservices, and Modern Applications: How are YOU Managing User Perceptions and the Customer Experience?”


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