Loot a modern IDE in your next MMORPG raid

Bringing modern application development to the mainframe platform requires an IDE that scales to the diversity of your crew.

As a video game nerd, I will always have a fondness for World of Warcraft, the franchise wherein IMHO mainstreamed the satirical, sometimes excessive fervor we nerds have for video games.

The phenomenon that is World of Warcraft may at times seem quite absurd, yet for all its crazy antics there is truly a compelling attraction that allowed it to garner such popularity – the raid. A raid places you and your group of comrades in a challenging, heart-thumping quest to overcome long odds and achieve eternal glory. Winning a raid feels divine, like watching your favorite sport team take the championship to break that century-old curse.

Team composition matters

Success in a raid is hard-fought, requiring thoughtful planning and careful execution. Yet even the best laid plans won’t overcome the disaster that comes with poor team composition. Tapping the right skills for the right tasks is so critical, and it’s no surprise that the most effective composition incorporates characters who bring a diversity of strengths, which when used in tandem makes the group a sum that’s greater than its parts.

The same applies to companies seeking digital transformation in the application economy. Culture comes first in times of change, requiring organizations to understand its key team players and apply effective culture transition management. Furthermore, application development teams that leverage the mainframe to build and deliver mission-essential services and experiences must also contend with the challenge of an evolving skill mix.

To realize an effective team composition, they must find ways to harness the curiosity and drive of millennial developers while also continuing to leverage the steady value of experienced developers – folks with deep knowledge of the z/OS platform who might excel using ISPF over modern UIs.

Realize your full team potential

In all, enterprise application development needs the ability to easily manage, develop, and maintain cross enterprise applications with diverse teams using different tools across multiple platforms. CA Technologies delivers the foundation with CA Development Environment for z Systems – a modern, simple-to-use IDE that enables diverse teams to achieve agile development using modern methodologies, toolsets and coding languages.

Join our Product Management team on April 11th for a quick tour of features and plugins that can benefit you or someone on your team, as well as a schedule for the upcoming webinar series of live demonstrations. Register now and come prepared with the features that you want to see!

Marvin leads product marketing for the CA Mainframe Application Development portfolio, and supports the BU…


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