Mark your calendars for CA World 2017

It’s big, it’s different and it’s not to be missed!

One of my favorite times of year is nearly here again! I’ll confess I’m looking forward to this year’s CA World even more than usual, because we’ve got so much to share with our friends in the mainframe community. With mainframe now mission-essential for so many business lines and innovations, this really is the perfect CA World to invite your mainframe and exec IT colleagues along to. Put it this way: if your senior colleagues want the inside scoop on the next generation of mainframe-powered innovations – like Digital Trust, Blockchain and mainframe-as-a-service – CA World 2017 is the place to be!

Let’s take a look at the key mainframe themes of CA World 2017. Then I’ll go on to recommend some essential sessions you and your mainframe colleagues REALLY won’t want to miss!

Innovation and value

As a mission-essential system, mainframe management is evolving fast to help enterprises achieve better business outcomes. So you’ll see themes like these featuring in CA World 2017’s mainframe keynotes, theatre sessions, tech talks and more!

  • Enhancing economics in areas such as mainframe testing to drive more value
  • Creating enterprise-scale architectures and applications to accelerate innovation
  • Harnessing machine learning and intelligent operations to optimize costs and skills
  • Improving business agility with DevSecOps and modern developer experiences
  • Empowering organizations with modernized user experiences and operational intelligence built with predictive analytics
  • Leveraging advancements in mainframe security management to beat emerging threats.

Top three theater sessions for mainframers

There are so many exciting sessions to choose from this year. But these are my top three personal recommendations.

Keynote: Establish Digital Trust as the Currency of Digital Business Optimization and Transformation.

Ashok Reddy, GM for CA Mainframe, explores how businesses can now achieve both digital business optimization and digital business transformation. Learn how you can use the power of the new IBM System z, and the Modern Software Factory, to establish a system of Digital Trust. From cost-savings to 100% SLA compliance, through to innovations like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, you’ll want to hear how z14 and CA can put you in the driver’s seat to transform the way your company does business.


Strategic Direction Session: Deliver Next-Gen IT Ops With CA Mainframe Operations Intelligence

In this roadmap session, you’ll learn how bleeding-edge data science algorithms are now being incorporated in real life into CA Mainframe Operations Intelligence. The results? A new generation of tools that help mainframers better predict performance issues and prevent costly downtime and capacity spikes across the IT landscape. Both mainframe novices and veterans will want to hear how these new tools improve critical operational issues like SLA performance, MTTR and more.


The Shadow Blockchain: Strategies for Moving From Hype to the Realities of Deployment

Blockchain is hot – and it’s captured the attention of business and IT leaders everywhere. In this session, you’ll learn about developing, deploying, and securing blockchain in your own organization. We’ll take a look at use cases in pioneering companies that apply blockchain in a multi-party entity environment with immutable smart contracts. We’ll share how some DevSecOps requirements are fundamentally different for blockchain pilots and full deployment. And we’ll also discuss how to integrate blockchain with existing systems of record, and the use of shadow blockchain as an evolutionary step towards adoption.


Yep, CA World 2017 really is a great opportunity to learn, engage and grow with the community of technology experts from CA, peer companies and industry leaders. Seriously, chat to your leadership team about what’s on offer, and it shouldn’t take much to convince them to come along and join in the fun! I look forward to seeing you all there.

CA World 2017 takes place in Las Vegas from November 13 – 17.

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