Mobile apps making following your NCAA bracket a slam dunk

Die-hard fans and casual bracketeers across America are finishing their picks, starting the trash talk and getting ready for a month of basketball as the NCAA tournament gets underway.

In previous years, games played during the day would likely be watched on one central office television, usually in the corner of the common area with the volume muted. Only the most committed fans would be willing to risk their boss’s wrath to take an hour or so break and watch the game.

However, the media landscape has been altered with the proliferation of technology and now almost 80 percent[1] of U.S. adults have a smartphone while sitting at a desk with internet-enabled computers and laptops is the norm. You could say that watching the NCAA tournament has turned into a whole new ball game!

How are people getting the play-by-play?

To learn more about the consumption of scores, news and live games, mobile accessory company Tech Armor conducted research[2] into how people watch and read about March Madness. The findings were eye-opening:

  • Television is still the most popular way to watch games, but mobile devices are the most popular for method for getting news, updates and keeping abreast of what is happening on the court
  • Thirty-four percent of millennials were somewhat likely or very likely to pay for a mobile app to follow the tournament vs. 14 percent for non-millennials
  • Twenty-five percent of millennials were somewhat likely or very likely to increase their data plan to stream games, compared to ten percent of non-millennials.
  • Thirty-two percent of people surveyed said online is the most popular place to get news about the tournament

App-solutely a slam dunk

Within the digital landscape enabling around-the-(shot)clock consumption of NCAA basketball, there is an ecosystem of apps that make using a mobile device the most popular way to keep up to date with every dunk, block and three-pointer. ESPN, Fanatic and the NCAA March Madness Live are the apps that I am using to monitor my bracket (I predict the Gonzaga Bulldogs will sink their teeth into the opposition!), but the market is wide depending what you want.

Because apps are so popular, the competition is fierce among developers to build a compelling app that delivers a great experience. , CA Technologies is proud to provide industry-leading API Management for developers across web, mobile and wearables for sports and many other industries.

Once your app is in use, the challenge now is to keep your customers. That’s where CA App Experience Analytics comes into play to monitor, analyze and fix the performance of your app on the fly.

CA Technologies is not the player on the court that makes the crowds go wild by scoring points, but it’s the assist leader who calls the plays and makes sure that giving customers a stellar experience is an easy lay-up.


[1] Mobile Fact Sheet, PewResearchCenter, January 12, 2017.

[2] Tech Armor Mobile March Madness Survey: Mobile Usage and the 2017 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament

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